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Best Practices, LLC

 is a research, consulting and publishing firm that is a world-leader in the field of best practice benchmarking focused on the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, health care technology and other innovative industries. Our company works on the principle that organizations can chart a course to superior performance by studying the best business practices, operating tactics and winning strategies of world-class organizations. Our benchmarking products, membership research services, best practice databases and reports, executive interviews, and custom studies provide clients with access and intelligence to achieve performance excellence.

Our Products and Services

Research and Consulting   >>read more
Best Practices, LLC is a thought leader in the field of best practice performance improvement. Our customized research and consulting services help business leaders address their most challenging issues by using objective benchmarks and best practice insights to identify gaps, develop solutions, grow revenues and profits, and chart a custom pathway to performance excellence.
Benchmarking Reports   >>read more
Our in-depth benchmarking reports contain detailed analysis, findings and insights from primary research studies probing today’s most pressing business issues. Research reports contain critical performance metrics, process insights and best practices from leading companies and government agencies throughout the global economy. Reports probe topics across Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources, Business Operations, New Product Development and Launch, and Knowledge Management.
Best Practice Database   >>read more
An annual membership to the online Best Practice Database provides instant access to over $35 million in benchmarking research. Busy executives, front-line managers, market researchers, corporate librarians, project leaders and busy professionals across functions use this invaluable resource to inform their leadership, problem solving and daily decision-making.
Research and Advisory Services   >>read more
Research and Advisory Services is an innovative research, benchmarking and networking service for business executives in pharmaceutical and life sciences, consumer and industrial products manufacturing, financial services and other industries to promote top-line revenue growth, cost reduction and innovative problem-solving.
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