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Improving New Pharmaceutical Product Launch Results through Effective Preparation of District Sales Managers
While an effective sales force is integral to a successful product launch in the biopharmaceutical industry, it is the district sales manager who plays a key role in reps' performance in the field. Realizing this, savvy pharmaceutical companies are beginning to focus more attention on preparing and measuring performance of the front-line District Sales Managers (DMs) – the leaders who oversee launch-related sales activities in the field.
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Current Trends in How the Pharmaceutical Industry Conducts Disease State Awareness Campaigns is Focus of Research Study
Disease state awareness campaigns are one of the few ways to inform patients and physicians before a product is approved. In essence, they set the table for future marketing efforts at product launch and post-launch.
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Regional New Product Planning Teams Key to Local Market Success with Product Launches in Pharmaceutical Industry
Global teams may call the shots for new product development in pharmaceutical companies, but it is the regional team's insights that can make or break a product's launch in key local markets.
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New Study Focuses on Creating a Value-Oriented Competitive Intelligence Function within a Pharmaceutical Company
The Competitive Intelligence (CI) function is often undervalued in the pharmaceutical industry, and as a result leaders of this role sometimes struggle for attention and resources. The value of the function remains murky in many companies, in part because CI remains a sub-function or a fragmented work group as opposed to a traditional corporate function, such as marketing or sales, according to new research from research and consulting leader Best Practices, LLC.
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New Report Highlights the Benefits and Disadvantages of Utilizing a Contract Sales Organization in the Pharmaceutical Industry
As pharmaceutical companies explore different sales models to improve efficiency and/or meet budget needs, one of the options is a Contract Sales Organization (CSO). While a CSO may save money, it also comes with challenges and disadvantages. Commercial and sales leaders need to consider a host of issues when determining the appropriate fit of a CSO for their current business issue, as well as what are the best CSO vendors to use, and what are the resource expectations.
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Pharmaceutical Data Dissemination Policies Vary Around the World but Off-Label Discussions Typically Only Occur Reactively, New Study Finds
With the shift toward evidence-based medicine and value-based pricing in the marketplace, pharmaceutical companies are turning to their Medical Affairs function to create effective guidelines for the dissemination of critical product information to external stakeholders. And in today's regulatory environment these guidelines are a vital part of ensuring compliance and consistency around on-label and off-label data discussions by global field medical teams.
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New Study Finds that Timing of Brand Activities is a Key Component of an Effective Global Branding Process for New Pharmaceutical Products
Pharmaceutical companies struggle to create global branding that will work across geographies and affiliates. The timing of brand activities is a key component of an effective global branding process that will work across geographies and affiliates, according to new research from consulting firm Best Practices, LLC.
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New Study Highlights Strategies for Developing Strong Medical Information Groups in Pharmaceutical Companies
Medical information groups within the pharmaceutical sector are exploring ways to increase their self-service capabilities to manage inquiries from external stakeholders such as Health Care Providers (HCPs). New research from consulting leader Best Practices, LLC found that many pharma organizations have developed self-service website portals where HCPs can sign on and ask questions electronically.
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Current Practices in Pharmaceutical Advisory Board Management are Highlighted in New Report
Pharmaceutical companies have long used advisory boards to gain commercial and medical insights about products either in development or already on the market. But new Sunshine Act reporting requirements have forced the pharma industry to alter how it manages advisory board meetings.
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Study Highlights Keys to Creating a High-Value Medical Affairs Function in a Changing Healthcare Environment
Within the pharmaceutical industry, the medical affairs function carries heavy responsibilities because of its accountability across areas such as clinical development, thought leader management and medical liaison oversight.
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