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Best Practices for Customer-Focused Software Quality Assurance 
Non-members: Click here to download a complimentary excerpt of "Best Practices for Customer-Focused Software Quality Assurance" STUDY OVERVIEW Superior product quality is a key differentiator to gain repeat customers in the highly competitive software marketplace... (ID 5024)
Companies Profiled: Motorola, Figure Retail Systems, BCS Information Systems, KLA Tencor, more ...
Price: $1600.00   Free Excerpt Available

Linking Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty: Meeting Proceedings 
OVERVIEW Customer satisfaction drives sales... (ID 4790)
Companies Profiled: Microsoft, Texas Instruments, 3M, Freescale, more ...
Price: $624.95

Customer Satisfaction Measurements in the Financial Services Industry 
Based on a survey of eight leading financial service organizations, this 20-page slide presentation examines how companies use and value customer satisfaction measurements... (ID 4542)
Companies Profiled: Wachovia, US Bank, Washington Mutual, JP Morgan Chase, more ...
Price: $604.95

Managing Customer Relationships: Loyalty and Retention Programs 
Based on a survey of 45 organizations, this 22-slide presentation identifies how companies manage customer relationships through retention and loyalty programs... (ID 4561)
Companies Profiled: ADP, BankOne, Rockwell Collins, Bell South, more ...
Price: $603.95

Marketing and Sales Strategies for Satisfying and Retaining Bank Customers 
Non-members: Click here to sign-up for a complimentary tour of "Marketing and Sales Strategies for Satisfying and Retaining Bank Customers" Study Overview: Caribbean retail financial institutions have learned that, just like in personal courtships, enticing trinkets and gimmicks are not the best approach for ensuring long-term banking customer relationships... (ID 4868)
Companies Profiled: Barbados National Bank Inc., Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Canada, RBTT Bank, more ...
Price: $364.14

Wholesaling Strategy: Managing Reseller Relationships 
Segment customers based on account attributes, but remain flexible in delivering customized and personalized attention... (ID 3706)
Companies Profiled: Southern Company
Price: $9.95

Customer Satisfaction Survey Findings (sample) 
The goal of this study was to identify and better understand customer satisfaction metrics, as well as customer-focused policies, ractices and processes... (ID IBE-1)
Companies Profiled: 29 Companies profiled
Price: FREE


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