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Retaining and Growing Customers Research

Best Practices for Customer-Focused Software Quality Assurance 
Non-members: Click here to download a complimentary excerpt of "Best Practices for Customer-Focused Software Quality Assurance" STUDY OVERVIEW Superior product quality is a key differentiator to gain repeat customers in the highly competitive software marketplace... (ID 5024)
Companies Profiled: Motorola, Figure Retail Systems, BCS Information Systems, KLA Tencor, more ...
Price: $1600.00   Free Excerpt Available

Benchmarks for Excellence in Account Management 
Account Management organizations face the increasing challenge of delivering and communicating business value and impact to their internal and external customers... (ID PCS-208)
Companies Profiled: Abbott Laboratories, Baxter Healthcare, Boston Scientific, CenterStone Technologies, more ...
Price: $1362.00   Free Excerpt Available

Account Management Best Practices: Delivering and Communicating Value 
In today’s fast changing, competitive and complex market, account management presents tremendous opportunities and challenges to many multi-product and multi-business corporations... (ID 4714)
Companies Profiled: Abbott Laboratories, Baxter Healthcare, Boston Scientific, CenterStone Technologies, more ...
Price: $1362.00

Linking Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty: Meeting Proceedings 
OVERVIEW Customer satisfaction drives sales... (ID 4790)
Companies Profiled: Microsoft, Texas Instruments, 3M, Freescale, more ...
Price: $624.95

Customer Satisfaction Measurements in the Financial Services Industry 
Based on a survey of eight leading financial service organizations, this 20-page slide presentation examines how companies use and value customer satisfaction measurements... (ID 4542)
Companies Profiled: Wachovia, US Bank, Washington Mutual, JP Morgan Chase, more ...
Price: $604.95

Managing Customer Relationships: Loyalty and Retention Programs 
Based on a survey of 45 organizations, this 22-slide presentation identifies how companies manage customer relationships through retention and loyalty programs... (ID 4561)
Companies Profiled: ADP, BankOne, Rockwell Collins, Bell South, more ...
Price: $603.95

Marketing and Sales Strategies for Satisfying and Retaining Bank Customers 
Non-members: Click here to sign-up for a complimentary tour of "Marketing and Sales Strategies for Satisfying and Retaining Bank Customers" Study Overview: Caribbean retail financial institutions have learned that, just like in personal courtships, enticing trinkets and gimmicks are not the best approach for ensuring long-term banking customer relationships... (ID 4868)
Companies Profiled: Barbados National Bank Inc., Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Canada, RBTT Bank, more ...
Price: $364.14

Wholesaling Strategy: Managing Reseller Relationships 
Segment customers based on account attributes, but remain flexible in delivering customized and personalized attention... (ID 3706)
Companies Profiled: Southern Company
Price: $9.95

Customer Satisfaction Survey Findings (sample) 
The goal of this study was to identify and better understand customer satisfaction metrics, as well as customer-focused policies, ractices and processes... (ID IBE-1)
Companies Profiled: 29 Companies profiled
Price: FREE


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