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Best Practices, LLC has conducted extensive research in the field of Medical Affairs. Browse through and sample our published Medical Affairs research in the topics below:

Roles, Resourcing and Management of Medical Science Liaisons
As the medical science liaison (MSL) function continues to gain importance in building and strengthening KOL relationships, medical affairs leaders are continually re-assessing their MSL management practices to be successful in the competitive environment. Best Practices, LLC undertook this research to examine the growing roles and responsibilities of Medical Science Liaisons within leading healthcare organizations. The study captures critical insights across MSL operational, performance, and management fronts which includes the headcount, span of control, deployment factors, volume and mode of thought leader interactions, and medical science liaison performance measurement. Medical Affairs leaders can use this study as a benchmark for future strategic and resource planning and best-practice implementation for the medical science liaison function.

Best Practices in Utilizing Health Outcomes Data
Optimizing the use of Health Outcomes data is vital to the success of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. This report provides insight and best practices that are being used by companies and reviews the use of Health Outcomes data in promotional/commercial settings and the possible Regulatory issues that arise as a result of their use. This report identifies how companies continue to navigate using prospective and retrospective Health Outcomes data in on-label and off-label instances. It gives insight into how companies are actively utilizing data that is critical to the success of drugs and achieving beneficial formulary status.

Best Practices in Establishing Medical Affairs Capabilities in Emerging Countries: Using Structure, Staffing, and Responsibilities to Create an Effective Medical Affairs Group in TMEA
With pharmaceutical companies facing diverse markets around the world, it is challenging to create and maintain an effective Medical Affairs group in less understood regions such as TMEA, which includes Turkey, Middle East, and South Africa. Consequently, regional and country-level leaders seek to understand the optimal Medical Affairs structure, staffing and responsibilities required to ensure success in the TMEA region. Best Practices, LLC undertook benchmarking research to identify the requirements for establishing effective Medical Affairs capabilities in the TMEA region. This report will serve as a reference for pharmaceutical organizations to see how their regional and/or country-level Medical Affairs groups compare with industry trends and averages.


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