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Best Practices, LLC has conducted extensive research in the field of New Product Development. Browse through and sample our published New Product Development research in the topics below:

From Genes to Giants: Best Practices in Early-Stage Product Commercialization
Long and costly product development cycles make it essential today for pharmaceutical companies to allocate resources to the development of compounds with the greatest potential market value. Leading companies are integrating commercial insights early in the new-product process to identify and eliminate unpromising compounds, reduce development cycle time, focus resources for greatest impact and increase their potential for launching a blockbuster drug. This Best Practices Benchmarking® report provides crucial insights into developing successful early-stage commercialization and portfolio management programs. Through this report, you can gain a thorough understanding of how industry-leading companies manage early-stage (pre-clinical through Phase II) commercialization. Winning strategies, structures and practices of top companies in developing early-stage product commercialization and portfolio management functions are identified and examined in detail. 

Bolstering Product Portfolios: Resources, Structure and Process for Effective In-licensing Organizations
Gain insight into how to structure in-licensing organizations, develop processes that facilitate the ability to identify the best opportunities and move smoothly from initial contact to binding agreement. This study provides particular attention to oncology in-licensing because it is recognized as a particularly competitive and scientifically difficult area in which to win valuable deals. By examining how the best organizations operate under such demanding criteria, other in-licensing operations can apply effective methods to their own business development operations and goals. 


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