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Best Practices, LLC has conducted extensive research in the field of Sales Leadership. Browse through and sample our published Sales Leadership research in the topics below:

District Manager Performance Management: Recruiting, Career Path & Succession Planning
Learn the importance and benefits of district manager recruiting excellence and provides statistics profiling recruiting processes at key companies. This Best Practices Benchmarking® Executive Presentation offers recruiting and development advice for sales managers with a focus on the district manager. Topics covered include: selecting and retaining the best managers, preparing sales managers for leadership, developing and training leaders, and managing the district manager's performance through both individual and corporate measurement. Insights are drawn from benchmarking and field research conducted among mirrored sales organizations at nine leading pharmaceutical companies. Findings are organized into two main modules -- Recruitment and Career Path & Succession Planning.

Pharmaceutical Speaker Programs: Building the Business
Help sales reps develop strong, rewarding relationships through effective speaker program management. Impact doctor-rep relationships to build customer loyalty and drive market share. A carefully crafted speaker program administration can have an enormous impact upon building and developing physician relationships, which ultimately drives sales and market share. Indeed, many of the most highly respected pharmaceutical companies now use these programs as one of their primary channels to educate the medical community about disease states and new products. To deliver maximum value, these programs must be managed as integrated processes that successfully develop and expand relationships.

Medical Device Sales Excellence: Training Field Professionals to Deliver Value-Based Solutions to Today's Customers
To meet the challenges posed by the consolidation and increasing leverage of care networks and hospitals, medical device sales professionals must adapt an approach that demonstrates value (clinical, economic, etc.) to key customers. Best Practices undertook benchmarking research to help medical device companies improve field sales performance through the use of a “value selling” approach. In particular, this report examines the sales models, strategies, training approaches and key skill sets needed for field sales representatives to succeed in selling valuable solutions across complex medical device product portfolios. Sales leaders can use this report to understand how other leading medical device and diagnostic companies hire, educate, train and deploy their sales representatives to maximize field call effectiveness and better meet evolving customer needs.


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