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Market Research Benchmarking Reports

Contact Center Excellence: Developing & Maintaining a World-Class Contact Center 
A must-have for all contact center executives, this series is critical for driving call center success... (ID CSS-63)
Companies Profiled: A Leading Pharmaceutical Company, Aliant Telecom, American Airlines, American Express, more ...
Price: $17928.00   Free Excerpt Available

Best Practices in Innovating within Market Research to Reach Consumers: How New Tools, Technologies and Approaches Improve Understanding and Communicating with Consumers 
With new technologies, consumers’ decision-making process is constantly evolving; directly impacting market research... (ID PSM-299)
Companies Profiled: Sample Answers, ic axon, Midwest Employers Casualty Company, DDI, more ...
Price: $7600.00   Free Excerpt Available

Big Data in Pharma: Current & Future Trends for Big Data Utilization Across Medical, Commercial and HEOR Functions 
Big Data encompasses everything from real world data such as patient records and payer information to data from clinical trials and product utilization... (ID PSM-311)
Companies Profiled: AstraZeneca, Merck, Esteve, Novartis, more ...
Price: $7500.00   Free Excerpt Available

Consumer Marketing Research Innovation: Assessing New Tools, Technologies and Approaches to Understand and Communicate with Consumers 
New technologies are transforming how consumers educate themselves and make critical purchasing decisions... (ID PSM-296)
Companies Profiled: Grifols, HIT Global, Sample Answers, Lifestyle Marketing, more ...
Price: $7400.00   Free Excerpt Available

Innovation in the Pharma Industry: Market Research Tools, Technologies and Approaches to Improve Consumer Interactions 
With the advent of new technologies, there has been a revolutionary change in the way consumers educate themselves and make critical purchasing decisions... (ID PSM-300)
Companies Profiled: Grifols, Sanofi, Salix Pharmaceutical, Merck Serono, more ...
Price: $6800.00   Free Excerpt Available

Increasing Market Access through Innovative Payer Market Research: Assessing New Tools & Technologies to Gain Insight into Payer Decision Making 
The health care marketplace is rapidly and sometimes chaotically evolving... (ID PSM-304)
Companies Profiled: Abbott, Hobart Innovations, Abbott Diabetes Care, Abbott Nutrition, more ...
Price: $6500.00   Free Excerpt Available

From Classroom to Boardroom: Training Can Propel Market Researchers from Order-Takers to Trusted Business Advisers 
Market Research and Analytics organizations increasingly serve expanded global regions, supporting complex product portfolios with brands spread across lifecycle stages in diverse country marketplaces... (ID PSM-284)
Companies Profiled: 3M, Abbott, Alcoa, Amgen, more ...
Price: $6050.00   Free Excerpt Available

How Successful Companies Create and Develop a High-Value CI Function to Drive Better Business Decisions 
When done well, the Competitive Intelligence (CI) function helps companies make better decisions, anticipate threats, plan effectively in a rapidly changing market, and avoid corporate risk... (ID PSM-302)
Companies Profiled: Abbott Nutrition, Amgen, AstraZeneca, Ariad, more ...
Price: $6000.00   Free Excerpt Available

Market Research Efficiency Benchmark: Using External Personnel and Automation to Maximize Effectiveness 
To provide maximum value to their internal clients, pharmaceutical and biotech companies must continue to innovate... (ID PSM-288)
Companies Profiled: Abbott Laboratories, Amylin, Bayer, Baxter, more ...
Price: $5500.00   Free Excerpt Available

Best Practices in Leveraging Employee Insights to Produce Cutting-Edge Market Research 
Market Research at leading organizations continues to evolve to provide insights into consumer behavior and marketplace changes... (ID PSM-295)
Companies Profiled: Sanofi, Waters, Citibank, ADA, more ...
Price: $4500.00   Free Excerpt Available

The Future of Market Research: Challenges And Changes In A Core Pharmaceutical Function 
This comprehensive research by Best Practices, LLC will enable managers to understand the future prospects of the market research function and its applications... (ID PSM-245)
Companies Profiled: 3M Pharmaceuticals, Adler Life Sciences, LLC, Abbott, more ...
Price: $4100.00   Free Excerpt Available

Market Research Vendor Management Excellence: Evaluating the Use of Exclusive Vendor Partnerships 
In order to effectively serve and support their internal clients, market research groups in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries rely heavily on external vendors for primary market research... (ID PSM-265)
Companies Profiled: Abbott Laboratories, Alcon Labs, Amgen, AstraZeneca, more ...
Price: $3690.00   Free Excerpt Available

Forging Deep Insights to Grow the Business: How Market Research Organizations Optimize the Mix of Tracking Research and Insight-Oriented Research 
Internal customers seek insight research projects that drive business growth and value... (ID PSM-308)
Companies Profiled: Abbvie, LFB, Bayer Healthcare, Sanofi, more ...
Price: $3270.00   Free Excerpt Available

Mapping Patient Flow to Better Manage Severe Hospital Infections and Sepsis 
Infections, and in particular the septic response to infections, are rising at an alarming rate in healthcare settings around the globe... (ID SM-165)
Companies Profiled: Amgen, AstraZeneca, Baxter Healthcare, Cooper Health System, more ...
Price: $1891.00   Free Excerpt Available


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