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Great Content

“The Best Practice Database is one of the best resources to go to for a wide variety of topics and types of benchmarking information on what external organizations are doing well. We use this to examine what we may need to do in the future. We specifically use metrics and case studies to assist in presentations and decision making.” – Abbott Labs

“When we get asked how to staff or structure a department, these is no better source than the Best Practice Database. Newly hired or promoted managers especially need the bigger picture of the industry's best practices and standards in their area, even if they have the technical expertise. This information is difficult to find anywhere else --even if the general topic is addressed in journal publications. The articles in the Best Practice Database are uniquely practical, actionable and detailed. When we deliver these excellent, high-quality articles to our internal clients, the response is generally ‘wow.’ It is golden; I would not live without the Best Practice Database.” – Top 15 Global Pharmaceutical Company

“This information is difficult to find anywhere else. The articles in the Best Practice Database are uniquely practical, actionable and detailed.” – Manager, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

“I've found the Best Practice Database to be an easy and thorough resource to satisfy that need.” – Learning Resources Manager, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

“This resource provides a lot of good information across a variety of subject areas.” – VP, Information and Technology, Sanofi

"This is a niche Database with concise research summaries that cannot be found easily, if at all, anywhere else for what is a reasonable price." – Rita Moss, Business and Economics Librarian, UNC-Chapel Hill

“I've found Best Practices, LLC 's Best Practice Database to be a terrific resource for benchmarking information. Research summaries are easy to digest and packed with useful information on industry best practices. We liked it so much we've upgraded our membership!” - Laurie Mierke, Manager of Process Excellence, LifeScan Canada

"Best Practices is a leader in this field and I value what you do and am aligned with what you do." - Director of Portfolio Management & Performance, Pfizer

"The Best Practice Database is an invaluable research tool. The benchmarking info is great! . . . .Next year, I plan to add the database to the syllabus for each of my courses." - D. Clay Whybark, Professor, Kenan-Flagler School of Business, University of North Carolina

Easy to Use

“I'm often asked to find benchmarking information and standards by which we can measure and improve performance. I've found the Best Practice Database to be an easy and thorough resource to satisfy that need. I started by purchasing just one area of the database and quickly discovered the need to access the entire database. My internal clients have been very pleased with the information I've been able to supply and continue to return for more.” – Fortune 500 Company Financial Services Company

“I’ve found the Database a really useful way to look externally to gather information for our continuous improvement activities. The monthly research alerts are sent to our senior managers, who are then able to request information on specific topics of interest. I also use the Database to research specific ‘hot topics’ that are of current interest to Roche.” – Roche Pharmaceuticals

“I find that the Best Practice Database is easy to navigate without any formal training. Both the search ability and the research itself is user-friendly and easy to understand.” – Kate Williams, Knowledge Management, EOH Consulting Services (South Africa)

"The Best Practice Database has been a tremendous asset to our organization. It is very straightforward to use and allows research to be easily accessed and downloaded.” - Jeff Schirm, Director Operations Development, Respironics

“The search functionality of the Best Practice Database is a breath of fresh air. It beats most secondary research sources easily. It allows you to use fuzzy logic lookup. I can quickly find what I am looking for in the Database.” – Pat Hoyes, Director, Management, Process Improvement and Quality, Sprint Nextel Corp.

"As soon as our unit is hit with a request for information, the first place we look is the Best Practice Database. It is comprehensive, easy to use, and filled with a multitude of insightful information.” – Senior Benchmarking Consultant


“The Best Practice Database is a unique source. You cannot find this information in the traditional literature. Without the Best Practice Database, we would have had to spend a lot of time on primary research to put together the information. When we have searched the Database, we have quickly found exactly what we needed. "A lot of people face the same business challenges that we face; this a way to take advantage of lessons learned and best practices from other companies." "Our company is doing a lot of cost-cutting. Every dollar is accounted for. In this environment, we chose to renew our membership to the Best Practice Database -- which is a testimony to its value for us.” - Fortune 500 Company

“The Database helps us save money by using the primary research from the Database rather than always conducting our own.- Jan Birberick, Market Research Analyst, AchieveGlobal

"The Best Practice Database is a unique source. You cannot find this information in the traditional literature. Without the Best Practice Database, we would have had to spend a lot of time on primary research to put together the information.” – Nancy Lemon, Leader, Knowledge Resources, Owens Corning

“The benchmarking information found in the Database is unique. We are very cautious about how we spend our resources, and we enthusiastically have renewed our membership to the Database. In the last year alone, we accessed 691 research studies in the Database with a primary research value of over $2.8 million!” – Jim Chestnut, Manager of Scientific & Business Information Solutions, Quintiles

“We use the Best Practice Database for easy access to the latest trends in sales, service and leadership development practices. It helps us provide more insight and information to our clients and is clearly worth the investment.” – Tom Atkinson, Research Director, Forum Corporation

Top-Quality Service

“The customer support I receive in finding and utilizing content in the (Biopharma Best Practice) Database helps me to look good, and that makes it easier to renew for the following year.” – Michael Thalacker, Director, Johnson and Johnson

“Over my many years in business, I have had the opportunity to work with more than a few consultants. The Best Practices team has been fantastic! We have been impressed with their professionalism, responsiveness and willingness to help us succeed. Their folks have always had a "can do" attitude. We are very grateful for their support and we certainly look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.” – Vice President, Cisco Systems

“You've certainly worked hard to offer a top quality service. The Database team’s customer service is excellent! It’s so refreshing to see an organization practice what they promote.” – Director of Sales & Marketing, Edulinx Canada Corp.

“Thank you for the excellent help and advice that you provided me with my interest in merger & acquisition integration practices. The study itself is an excellent piece of work but your enthusiasm, assistance, and advice was equally excellent.”
- President, MENA/America Trade and Investment, Inc

"I have received outstanding customer service from my Database Account Manager and others within Best Practices, LLC."
Regina Meeks, Information Technician, Centralized Resource Quality & Service, Abbott Laboratories

“For those of us that are computer challenged, its great to have strong customer support. Thanks so much, I have found your web site to be of great value and will continue to use it.” - President, Pacific Learning Systems

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