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Once Database members are in the midst of an initiative, staying informed with an arsenal of accurate data is essential. The Best Practice Database helps members to:
    • Leverage others' successes and failures to guide implementation
    • Take a methodical approach in implementing major initiatives
    • Pick out lessons and principles to apply to given situation
    • Gather data to support strategic initiatives

Here is what our customers say:

"The Database allows me a more methodical approach when implementing major initiatives. I can quickly cut and paste content from the Database into a Word document so that I have the backup I need when consulting with management." - Manager Workforce Performance, Verizon

“I used information in the Best Practice Database on the Balanced Scorecard to support our company in moving in that direction. We looked at how many companies did it, what it took to implement it, and their successes and failures to guide our own implementation.” – Beth Pecenka, Strategic Planning Analyst, Now Foods

"Although the particular industry or functional area [I am interested in] may not be an exact fit [with specific research I find], I can easily pick out the lessons and principles that apply to my exact situation." -- Bill Newton, Business Group Manager, Sigmon Group, LLC

Learn --> Compare --> Decide -->Execute

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