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When members of the Best Practice Database access our benchmark metrics, best practices and case studies, they can:
    • Stay on top of proven industry practices and trends
    • Understand what world-class companies are doing
    • Identify areas of future improvement
    • Take advantage of other companies' lessons learned
    • Expand thinking across a broad variety of areas
    • Gain access to unique "how we did it" approach details
    • Engage in "one stop shopping" for benchmark data
Read what our members have to say:



“With this tool, I can learn from other world-class companies and continuously improve our operations and shareholder value.” – VP, Information and Technology, Sanofi-Aventis

"I’ve found the Database a really useful way to look externally to gather information for our continuous improvement activities. The monthly research alerts are sent to our senior managers, who are then able to request information on specific topics of interest. I also use the Database to research specific ‘hot topics’ that are of current interest to Roche." – Jill Thorne, Operations Standards Manager, Roche

“The Best Practice Database is one of the best resources to go to for a wide variety of topics and types of benchmarking information on what external organizations are doing well. We use this to examine what we may need to do in the future.”
Regina Meeks, Information Technician, Centralized Resource Quality & Service, Abbott Laboratories

“Their database of case studies is a treasure trove of proven industry practice.” – Bill King, Sr. Program Director, SCT

“In fact, the main benefit of the [Best Practice Database] is using survey data to understand industry trends and use it to create our own company's guiding principles." - Jean-Yves Brault, Director, Sales Force Effectiveness, Fournier Pharma


“Everyone loves the Best Practice Database…as we are interested in an international perspective and knowing what world leaders are doing.” - Kate Williams, Knowledge Management, EOH Consulting Services (South Africa)

“The research provided by Best Practice Database helps to expand our thinking across a variety of business topics and industries.” - John Ney, Director of Research, AchieveGlobal

“We use the Best Practice Database for easy access to the latest trends in sales, service and leadership development practices. It helps us provide more insight and information to our clients and is clearly worth the investment.” – Tom Atkinson, Research Director, Forum Corporation


“When we have searched the Database, we have quickly found exactly what we needed. A lot of people face the same business challenges that we face; this a way to take advantage of lessons learned and best practices from other companies.” – Nancy Lemon, Leader, Knowledge Resources, Owens Corning


“The Best Practice Database is uniquely packaged and accessible. It provides a 'one stop shopping' location where one can go and research specific best practice topics. The specific detail offered in a 'this-is-how-we-did-it' approach is not found in other resources." – Bob Kelly, Electronic Selection Librarian, University of Michigan's Ross School of Business

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