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Competitive Intelligence (CI) groups help organizations compete in a complex and ever-changing marketplace by providing insights that help set strategic and tactical direction for commercial operations.




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In the biopharma sector in particular, companies improve their chances for success in a volatile business environment by using both primary and secondary Competitive Intelligence research to help them anticipate and respond strategically to external change - in a closely regulated pharmaceutical industry.

To fulfill the requirements of its growing strategic role, the Competitive & Business Intelligence function needs to continuously re-invent itself by optimizing its overall capabilities, including:
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Best Practices, LLC conducts ongoing evidence-based benchmarking research designed to inform and assist CI leaders and the heads of its many sub-functions. The CI Best Practice Database is a decision-support research service providing external benchmarks, best practice insights, staffing, structure and productivity research, success and failure analogs, and other critical analysis to guide this important function.

Managers across the Competitive & Business Intelligence function employ the Best Practice Database for information in the following areas:
Competitive & Business Intelligence Database

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