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Competitive and Business Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence (CI) groups help organizations compete in a complex and ever-changing marketplace by providing insights that help set strategic and tactical direction for commercial operations.
In the biopharma sector in particular, companies improve their chances for success in a volatile business environment by using both primary and secondary Competitive Intelligence research to help them anticipate and respond strategically to external change - in a closely regulated pharmaceutical industry.

To fulfill the requirements of its growing strategic role, the Competitive & Business Intelligence function needs to continuously re-invent itself by optimizing its overall capabilities, including:


David Guinn
Best Practice Senior Director, Client Relations and Business Development
Phone: 919-767-9179

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I used the Best Practice Database as my main system for benchmarking. I have received a lot of questions since we subscribed to Best Practices on how we are doing compared to others in several different areas: functioning of the market research department, purchasing practices, use of CROs, setting up Competitive Intelligence and many other areas. I always could find the right answers within the right time which helped us to improve our performance.

-- Manager, Competitive Intelligence, Organon

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