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Report Summary: Best Practices in Crisis Management & Business Continuity for BioPharma Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations


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Today’s pharma and medical device industries operate in a truly global market environment.

Now, in the wake of major devastating events (such as the earthquake, tsunami, and partial nuclear meltdown in Japan last year), leading healthcare organizations have moved quickly to ensure their global supply chains and manufacturing operations are capable of sustaining sudden – and potentially ruinous – disruptions and disasters.

This new Best Practices, LLC report examines how world-class companies optimize their Business Continuity and Crisis Management groups and how their response plans fare when faced with major disasters or operating disruptions.

This report is designed to help companies develop an evidence-based understanding of how other companies plan, prevent, prepare and respond to threats to their supply chains and operations – both to keep employees safe and ensure continued production and long-term viability.

The study includes two segments: a Large Healthcare Company segment and a Small Healthcare Company and Clinic segment.
Industries Profiled:
Biotech; Pharmaceutical; Medical; Manufacturing; Medical Device; Health Care; Diagnostic; Consumer Products; Chemical; Laboratories

Companies Profiled:
Amgen; Alameda County Medical Center; Insight Adhesives Research; Siemens Medical; Nypro; GlaxoSmithKline; Abbott; UCB Pharma; Genzyme; Shire; Fibrogen; Terumo Corporation; Sanofi; Merck; Ipsen; Amylin; Lilly; Boehringer Ingelheim; Boston Scientific; Bayer Healthcare; Johnson & Johnson; Genentech; EMD Serono; Ben Venue Laboratories; Janssen; Smith & Nephew; Grifols; MedImmune

Study Snapshot

The report is based on the insights of 33 Business Continuity (BC) leaders from 29 national and global health care organizations. In addition, selected executives provided qualitative insights through deep-dive interviews and “lessons learned” observations.

Sample Key Findings

Emergency Response Training Is Essential For Fast Response – But Training Occurs Sporadically at Most Companies: More than 60% of companies conduct emergency response training once or twice a year – or not at all. Training frequency goes hand and hand with response effective-ness. This seems an Achilles’ heel for many companies. Less than 1/3 of companies train monthly or quarterly.

During Major Events: Communicate Early & Often: Active communication is a critical tool for managing through crisis. Daily briefings are advocated by 86% of the benchmark class and sharing of lessons learned is used by 71% of companies.

The Supply Chain Can Be Disrupted in Many (Unexpected) Ways: Natural disasters are not the only threat to a company’s supply of medical products to the market and its customers. Disruptions range widely from parts to material purity to manufacturing. Small disruptions can disrupt or shut down supply chains.
Table of Contents

Universe of Learning
    • Participating Companies
    • Participating Companies by Segment
    • Job Titles of Participants
  • Key Insights and Findings
  • Structure and Leadership
  • Emergency Response: Building Capabilities To Respond Quickly & Effectively Throughout Your “Ecosystem”
  • Assessing Risks & Prioritizing Response
  • Assembling The Tools and Techniques to Build an Integrated Business Continuity Plan
  • Developing A Prevention Mindset and Fast Response
  • Using Backups & Redundancy Management
  • Importance of Communication During Crisis
  • Securing Your Supply Chain To Safeguard Customers and the Company
  • Working With Sole-Source or Strategic Suppliers
  • Performance Metrics
  • Creating A Business Resiliency Framework: The Next Generation
  • Current Trends and Future Directions For Contingency Planning
  • Lessons Learned: Key Opportunities To Support Continuous Business Continuity Improvement
  • About Best Practices, LLC

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