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Pharmaceutical Product Launch and Re-Launch

In recent years, U.S. and European pharmaceutical companies have launched fewer products per year (10-15 for the top 20 companies combined compared to 20-30 launches prior to 2002). Therefore, now, more than ever, pharmaceutical companies need to adopt savvy development and marketing tactics to drive blockbuster product launches and yield continuous success throughout the product's lifecycle. Research and development groups alone no longer drive the value of a new product. Sales and marketing teams, which have always had a role in a product’s success, deserve a place at the head of the planning table. Considering the financial impact of today's brands, senior executives at every pharmaceutical company should analyze the marketing, sales, and investment implications of their own portfolios.

Our Role in Supporting Pharmaceutical Product Management

For two decades Best Practices, LLC has assisted pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical clients with optimizing their marketing activities before, during and after product launch. A series of studies and research tools provided by Best Practices, LLC, analyzing numerous blockbuster products, show that savvy long-term planning can shape a product’s true market potential and dramatically increase its lifetime economic value. The Launch Assets Database: Benchmarks for Launch Budgets, Activities and Resource Allocation

Our extensive Launch Assets Database contains marketing launch benchmarks from more than 60 leading brands across more than 20 companies.

We can assist you with product planning and lifecycle management by delivering:

  • Spend Metrics by Launch Phase
    • Pre-Clinical
    • Phases I-IV
    • Launch
    • Post-Launch
  • Spend Metrics by Launch Activity
    • Speaker Training & Programs
    • Conventions & Symposia
    • CME Programs
    • Advisory Boards
    • Thought Leader Development
    • Advocacy Group Development
    • Market Research
    • Direct-to-Physician Marketing
    • Direct-to-Consumer Marketing
    • Medical Publications & Journal Ads
    • Sales Force Communication
    • Web Presentation
  • Resource Allocation for Launch and Re-Launch Teams
  • Benchmark Metrics for Specialty and Primary Care Product Launches
  • Case Studies of Successful Launches and Re-Launches
  • Winning Strategies and Tactics for Growing Product Sales and Market Share
  • Critical Success Drivers, Barriers, Lessons Learned and Emerging Trends for Marketing Pharmaceutical Drugs

How Companies Have Used the Launch Assets Database

In the past, Best Practices, LLC has supported launch teams at pharmaceutical companies by delivering budget and staffing benchmarks that helped executives confirm and adjust their allocation maps and activity timelines prior to and after launch. Below is a sample matrix developed previously for our clients (all data entries are blinded). ------------

As a result, savvy executives are increasingly examining their existing processes to identify opportunities for structural and operational improvement such as:

  • Centralization vs. decentralization
  • Outsourcing vs. Insourcing
  • Delivering value-added service levels while reducing costs

Product Launch Marketing Spend

Best Practices, LLC has completed a multitude of research initiatives around pharmaceutical product development, launch, brand management and product lifecycle management. We have developed an expertise especially around the following areas:

Over the years, Best Practices, LLC has developed expertise across a broad spectrum of alliances and partnerships topics. Specific research areas include:

Winning Necessary Resources for a Successful Product Launch

This report delivers exclusive benchmarks on the cost of a new pharmaceutical product launch in today’s market and the timing of 12 key marketing, education and market access activities during and prior to launch. Benchmark data in this report will serve as a reference point for brand and marketing leaders in the budget planning and allocation process to ensure that funding levels are appropriate and launch activities are well-prioritized and well-timed over the three years prior to product launch and during the launch year.

New & Effective Front-Line Management Training Practices to Optimize Performance & Grow Accountability at Launch

This report delivers benchmarks around the training and accountability of District Sales Managers who oversee launch-related activities in the field. In particular, this report provides benchmarks around the adequate training amount, timing of sales force launch training, assessment of different launch training platforms and measurement of district sales manager accountability.

Optimizing Global Brand Website Launches

This benchmarking research identifies current and evolving approaches for development and optimization of global brand websites at launch. It also highlights the critical success factors for fulfilling the diverse needs of key stakeholders, while being mindful of regional differences in culture and regulatory environment.

Best Practices in Launch Optimization: How Promotional Efficiency can be leveraged to Support Multiple Products & Indications

This study identifies evidence-based benchmarks on the pros and cons of managing multiple products. The study uncovers the proven tactics for efficiently deploying sales and marketing resources to reduce the costliness of launching and promoting multiple products simultaneously.

Shaping the Marketplace to Support Successful Diabetes Product Launches: Tactics for Educating KOLs, Physicians, Patients and Payers

This study explores the best practices in educating, informing and preparing the marketplace for new diabetes products – through Physician, Patient, and Payer education and publications, advocacy and communication strategies. The study also includes key benchmark metrics, executive insights, and recommendations that Medical Education and Marketing executives can optimize their utilization of current best practices and emerging trends to ensure a successful new product launch.

Educating the Market to Support Successful Product Launches in Oncology

This study explores the best practices in educating, informing and preparing the marketplace for new oncology products – through Physician, Patient, and Payer education and publications, advocacy and communication strategies.

Best Practices in Global Pharmaceutical Launches

This research study provided benchmark data on how the world's leading pharmaceutical companies develop global launch strategies, manage launch teams, cultivate thought leader support, integrate marketing activities, and conduct a host of other critical launch activities.

Launching Pharmaceutical Megabrands: Best Practices in Marketing Blockbusters

Best Practices, LLC performed an industry-wide benchmark study on multi-phased marketing support for new products across an elite group of high performing pharmaceutical companies. The study includes 16 Blockbuster Product Case Studies and delivers benchmark data on:
  • Developing and Deploying Integrated Marketing Support
  • Investing for Maximum Impact
  • Managing Team Structure, Communication & Transition
  • Driving Commercially Focused Drug Development
  • Preparing Market for Rapid Product Uptake
  • Optimizing Commercial Resources for Launch Success
  • Leading and Lagging Indicators for Brand Performance, Marketing Metrics Responsibilities, and Timeline and Competencies
  • Marketing Publications Staffing

Product Re-Launch Excellence: Transforming Lackluster Pharmaceutical Products Into Market Success Stories

Product Re-launch - it is the hobgoblin of the pharmaceutical and biotech sector. Few brand leaders ever aspire to this marketing challenge. Yet many find they and their companies must confront re-launch scenarios – or sacrifice hundreds of millions of dollars invested in underperforming products.

A past research initiative probed best practices and lessons learned in successful product re-launches. The study also included two highly successful re-launch case studies: the history and lessons learned from Zithromax and Wellbutrin – two blockbuster products that nearly failed in the marketplace during their initial launches. With interviews and extensive survey data drawn from executives at leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, our research serves as a guide to achieve an excellent product re-launch.

Whether you are looking for ways to improve the brand and lifecycle management of your portfolio or are facing a re-launch of a product that has not achieved its potential upon initial market entry, our team is ready to assist you by identifying the best re-launch practices from the marketing and brand leaders that have directed their re-launched products to blockbuster success.

Specialty Drug Marketing

Specialty pharmaceutical product marketers strive to effectively allocate their resources among various marketing activities and budget categories. Top executives who are marketing specialty products report that detailing, professional relations and market research have the best levels of ROI.

Past research in this area has benchmarked budget allocation, top pre- and post-launch activities, and primary target audiences. Whether you are trying to expand the market or achieve greater market share, Best Practices, LLC can assist you in determining the best pre- and post-launch strategy for your specialty product.

Communicating Clinical Trial Results

Pharmaceutical companies spend considerable resources conducting large clinical studies to support the launch of new products or expand indications for currently marketed products. Pharmaceutical companies that can leverage that investment by linking the benefits shown in clinical trials to key products will gain significant advantage in the market.

Best Practices, LLC can help your organization benchmark best-in-class companies and uncover the best strategies and tactics for maximizing the impact of clinical trial results.

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