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Study Examines how Pharmaceutical Industry is Navigating New Scientific Publications Landscape
Physicians and payers learn about new pharmaceutical products through scientific publications that highlight critical clinical trial data. This information serves as the building blocks for how a new product will be positioned in the marketplace.
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Best Practices, LLC Report Examines How the Pharmaceutical Industry is Utilizing the Role of Medical Affairs to Enhance Payer Interactions
For pharmaceutical companies, the road to success goes through payers. Both public and private payers are placing greater emphasis on real world evidence and economic value when considering therapies for their formularies.
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Boosting Digital Marketing Impact on Pharmaceutical Product Launches through Effective Hiring of Digital Marketing Talent
As digital marketing strategies and tactics evolve in the pharmaceutical industry, companies are fine-tuning how they hire and develop new digital marketing talent. A Best Practices, LLC study on digital marketing impact found, however, that hiring strategies differ based on company size.
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New Report Provides Road Map for Pharmaceutical Industry on how to Ensure Medical Affairs Success in Emerging Regions of the World
As pharmaceutical companies seek out growth opportunities in new areas of the world, many are turning their attention to the TMEA region that includes Turkey, the Middle East and South Africa. Organizations have learned that, like in other emerging markets, success in the TMEA region is contingent on having an effective local Medical Affairs group.
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Best Practices Study Explores How Pharmaceutical Industry Utilizes Medical Affairs to Develop Effective Relationships with Thought Leaders
In the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory and access restrictions have reshaped how organizations interact with thought leaders. Thought leaders play an integral role in every stage of the product lifecycle, making it critical for the Medical Affairs function to develop robust internal thought leader management capabilities.
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Best Practices, LLC Study Examines the Growing Role of Medical Affairs in Pharmaceutical Patient Engagement Programs
The Medical Affairs function in the pharmaceutical industry has taken on a leadership role in companies' patient engagement programs. But to have a positive impact on patient engagement programs, Medical Affairs groups have to be effective at collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders.
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Oncology Launch Study Probes How to Leverage Cost Savings from Initial Launch to Second Indication Launch
Pharmaceutical companies that have launched a new oncology product often pursue a second indication for the same product. The prevalent thinking across the industry is that a company can leverage cost savings for the second launch by utilizing some of the infrastructure and staff from the first launch.
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Best Practices, LLC Report Delivers Analysis on the Benefits and Disadvantages of Utilizing a Contract Sales Organization in the Pharmaceutical Industry
During the different market phases of a product, many pharmaceutical companies face an internal struggle whether to hire a Contract Sales Organization (CSO) or internal hires to support them. The question becomes not only which is more cost effective, but which is more advantageous in various services, skills, and market conditions.
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Best Practices' Study Examines How Pharmaceutical Industry is Navigating the New Scientific Publications Landscape
Biopharmaceutical organizations rely on scientific publications to inform the medical community about critical clinical trial data. It is the data from early phases of drug development that critical stakeholders such as physicians and payers learn about new products and the information serves as the building blocks for how a new product will be positioned in the marketplace.
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Regional New Product Planning Teams Key to Local Market Success with Product Launches in Pharmaceutical Industry
In the pharmaceutical industry, global teams may set the table for new product development, but it is the regional team's insights that can make or break a product's launch in key local markets.
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