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New Pharmaceutical Industry Report Provides Blueprint for Creating an Effective Field Medical Team for Rare Diseases
An effective field-based medical team is especially crucial for rare disease products. MSLs and other field specialists are expected to develop and maintain the relationship with key rare disease experts as well as build well-informed advocacy base for a company's rare disease franchise.
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New Study Examines How Pharmaceutical Industry is Embracing Digital Patient Engagement Programs
The pharmaceutical industry recognizes that technology advancements have created new opportunities for patient engagement. Patient engagement programs built around digital tools have quickly taken hold in leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device organizations across global, emerging and developed markets.
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Pharmaceutical Industry's Evolving use of Display Methods for Scientific Information at Medical Booths is Examined in New Study
Medical booths at annual conferences such as the American Society of Hematology are a prime opportunity to highlight a pharmaceutical company's pipeline and products to healthcare professionals. However, new technologies and compliance concerns have made it challenging for some medical communications leaders to update their company's approach to educational displays at medical booths.
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New Pharmaceutical Report Highlights how Organizations can Improve the Development of Combination Products
A growing number of medical therapies currently in development are combination products that incorporate drug, biologic and/or medical device components. The pharmaceutical industry recognizes the potential value of attacking complex diseases such as cancer through new therapies that utilize combinations of FDA-approved products. However, the path from design and development to filing and approval for these products is not straightforward and comes with a daunting set of complexities.
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Medical Device Report Presents Insights into Resource Allocation Needs in Quality, Regulatory Affairs, and Post-Market Surveillance Roles
Medical device and technology companies devote significant resources to ensure their products meet quality standards and regulations at every stage of the product life cycle, from research and development and product development through manufacturing, sales, and post-market activity. Increasingly, companies are challenged to ensure quality and safety while managing costs and assessing risk.
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New Report Highlights Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Healthcare organizations that are vying to boost their digital marketing results must continue to innovate without losing sight of the right channels, tools and approaches to reach physicians, patients and other customer groups. But picking the optimal "digital innovation path" is different for every organization.
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New Study Examines How Medical Device Industry can Boost Commercial Success in Emerging Markets
With an aging global population, increased health awareness, and growing income levels in many of the emerging markets, the need and opportunity for high-quality medical device solutions has never been greater in these regions. But to capture market share in growth markets like Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Latin America (LATAM), medical device organizations must align their emerging-market strategies and business models to the regulatory and business landscapes of target countries and markets.
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New Best Practices, LLC Study Examines Real World Evidence Trends and Vendor Selection in Pharmaceutical Industry
Recognizing the increased complexity in evidence demands for pharmaceutical products after launch, pharmaceutical companies are boosting their internal Real World Evidence (RWE) capabilities. But pharma continues to be challenged to manage the complexities of RWE; thus the industry also turns to vendors that specialize in RWE generation.
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New Study Highlights the Growing Importance of Digital Patient Engagement Programs to the Pharmaceutical Industry
The pharmaceutical industry recognizes that digital technology is a rising star for patient engagement programs. But the rapid rise of digital has pharma scrambling to operationally align its patient engagement programs with digital capabilities and activities.
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New Report Presents Current Picture of How Pharma is Communicating and Disseminating Medical Information to External Stakeholders
Disseminating medical information to external stakeholders such as physicians and payers is an important activity that has to be done right the first time. And just as pharmaceutical companies differ in which external groups they focus on for sharing medical information about products and pipelines, so too do they differ in whether the information is shared proactively or reactively.
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New Best Practices, LLC Study Examines how Medical affairs is Using Digital Tools to Serve External and Internal Stakeholders
Digitization is changing the way medical affairs groups in pharma are serving internal and external stakeholders. Virtual communication, mobile apps, data analytics tools, interactive platforms and medical booths are a part of the medical affairs function's everyday activities.
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New Cross Industry Study Highlights the Role Knowledge Management Can Play in Driving Growth
Innovative and effective Knowledge Management (KM) can be a significant driver of growth, performance excellence and agility. A new study by research and consulting leader Best Practices, LLC determined there are many working parts that go into creating an effective Knowledge Management system.
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New Study Presents Current Picture of Real World Evidence Generation in Pharmaceutical Industry
Real World Evidence (RWE) generation is vital for producing the health outcomes and safety data that payers are using to drive formulary and reimbursement decisions. However, as pharmaceutical companies take steps to improve their RWE capabilities and utilization of RWE vendors, they are challenged to manage the complexities of RWE generation as well as how to identify the right vendor to work with.
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New Study Highlights Emerging Trends in Pharmaceutical Medical Education Program Creation and Delivery
Medical education plays an essential role in updating physicians and other health care professionals about new treatment options and advances in disease state understanding. However, the medical education environment has changed drastically in the wake of new regulations and technological advancements that have reshaped traditional approaches to deployment of pharmaceutical medical education programs.
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New Study Examines How to Generate the Support and Resources Needed to Sustain an Effective Patient Adherence Program
Patient adherence has long been a challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. It is estimated that poor drug adherence costs the healthcare system $300 billion a year and results in 125,000 deaths annually in the United States.
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Study Showcases how Pharmaceutical Field Medical Teams serving Cardiovascular and Diabetes Therapeutic Areas are Adjusting Roles and Activities
Field-based medical teams that focus on the cardiovascular and/or diabetes therapeutic areas within pharmaceutical organizations need focused strategies and appropriate resources to meet the growing information needs of physicians, patients and payers.
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Digital Technology Consortium Report Provides Window into Future Trends for Digital Marketing Budget, Staffing and Performance Measurement
Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly using digital engagement channels to more effectively communicate with their customers. Unlike many other operational areas of pharma, the performance of digital marketing can be measured to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of each digital channel.
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Study Showcases how Medical Affairs Provides Value to External Stakeholders Such as Payers and Specialty Pharmacies
Medical Affairs has long been a key function within the pharmaceutical industry because of its role in providing medical information to external stakeholder groups. As emerging groups such as payers, Accountable Care Organizations, specialty pharmacies and others have become more prominent in the healthcare landscape, pharma has expanded the organizations that Medical Affairs interacts with for medical and clinical discussions.
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New Study Highlights Trademarks of an Effective Competitive Intelligence Group in the Pharmaceutical Industry
The competitive intelligence (CI) role within the pharmaceutical industry has gone through many changes in the past decade, but one thing is still the same: the reliance on CI to help to set the strategic direction of an organization.
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New Report Showcases Pharmaceutical Industry's Medical Booth Practices at Annual Conferences
An engaging exhibit booth at annual medical conferences is one of the key ways to raise awareness and educate healthcare professionals about a pharmaceutical company's pipeline and products. However, new technologies and a conservative compliance mindset have made it challenging for some medical communications leaders in pharma to showcase their company's pipeline and products to thought leaders attending medical congresses or conferences.
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Best Practices, LLC's Study Examines How Medical Affairs Function is Utilizing Big Data in the Pharmaceutical Industry
The medical affairs function within the pharmaceutical industry is seen as one group that can find great value in Big Data. Medical records, clinical trial data and claims information are some of the information sources that pharma uses to produce Big Data insights related to their therapies and patients.
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Timing to Ensure Alignment across Geographies and Affiliates is a Key Part of an Effective Global Branding Process for New Pharmaceutical Products
As pharmaceutical and biotech companies turn to other regions of the world to drive growth, it is important that they create brand elements for new products that will work across geographies and affiliates. Successful global organizations realize affiliates and regions need key branding elements - such as positioning - early to maximize the impact of a new product launch.
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Study Explores How Pharmaceutical Companies Can Create Effective Thought Leader Management Capabilities
In the pharmaceutical industry, thought leaders play an integral role in every stage of a product's lifecycle. This relationship makes it critical for the Medical Affairs function within pharma to develop robust internal thought leader management capabilities.
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Pharmaceutical Industry Study Highlights the Evolving Role of Field-Based Medical Teams in Serving Managed Care Organizations
As the influence and importance of payers has grown in the United States, the pharmaceutical industry has turned to field medical teams to handle managed care interactions. These field roles include Health Outcomes Liaisons (HOLs), Managed Care Liaisons (MCLs) and other field functions that serve managed care customers.
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New Study Highlights Importance of R&D Talent Development Initiatives in Pharmaceutical and Technology Companies
Across industries, an organization's research and development (R&D) function plays an important role in converting innovative ideas into exceptional products and services that deliver a competitive edge. This scenario requires an effective R&D function, which in turn, is dependent on productive employees who can add value to the function.
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New Pharmaceutical Industry Report Sheds Light on Authorship Selection, Transitions in Scientific Publications Process
It's hard to overemphasize the importance of scientific publications to the pharmaceutical industry - it is the principal way that physicians and KOLs learn scientific/medical information about a company's existing and pipeline products. But the publications process can get bogged down by gray areas such as authorship selection.
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Study Highlights What Makes an Effective Corporate Affairs Group in the Pharmaceutical Industry
A robust corporate affairs function plays an integral role in building a biopharmaceutical company's reputation and brand. As part of this effort, corporate affairs oversees the development of strong corporate relationships with key external stakeholders.
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Pharmaceutical Industry Field Roles Increasingly Utilizing iPads but Use has not Translated to Increased Effectiveness, Best Practices, LLC Study Finds
iPads have become commonplace for field roles within the pharmaceutical industry. But this shift - away from laptops and toward tablet technology - has not always translated into increased effectiveness for field roles such as Medical Science Liaisons or Health Outcomes Liaisons.
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Study Examines Challenge of Integrating Value into Quality Function in Global Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies
Biopharmaceutical and medical device companies allocate a significant amount of resources to ensure their products meet quality standards at every stage of the product lifecycle. Inherent in this challenging endeavor is the balancing act between managing costs and product quality while adding value for patients and healthcare providers.
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Study Examines how Pharmaceutical Industry is Navigating New Scientific Publications Landscape
Physicians and payers learn about new pharmaceutical products through scientific publications that highlight critical clinical trial data. This information serves as the building blocks for how a new product will be positioned in the marketplace.
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Best Practices, LLC Report Examines How the Pharmaceutical Industry is Utilizing the Role of Medical Affairs to Enhance Payer Interactions
For pharmaceutical companies, the road to success goes through payers. Both public and private payers are placing greater emphasis on real world evidence and economic value when considering therapies for their formularies.
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Boosting Digital Marketing Impact on Pharmaceutical Product Launches through Effective Hiring of Digital Marketing Talent
As digital marketing strategies and tactics evolve in the pharmaceutical industry, companies are fine-tuning how they hire and develop new digital marketing talent. A Best Practices, LLC study on digital marketing impact found, however, that hiring strategies differ based on company size.
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New Report Provides Road Map for Pharmaceutical Industry on how to Ensure Medical Affairs Success in Emerging Regions of the World
As pharmaceutical companies seek out growth opportunities in new areas of the world, many are turning their attention to the TMEA region that includes Turkey, the Middle East and South Africa. Organizations have learned that, like in other emerging markets, success in the TMEA region is contingent on having an effective local Medical Affairs group.
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Best Practices Study Explores How Pharmaceutical Industry Utilizes Medical Affairs to Develop Effective Relationships with Thought Leaders
In the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory and access restrictions have reshaped how organizations interact with thought leaders. Thought leaders play an integral role in every stage of the product lifecycle, making it critical for the Medical Affairs function to develop robust internal thought leader management capabilities.
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Best Practices, LLC Study Examines the Growing Role of Medical Affairs in Pharmaceutical Patient Engagement Programs
The Medical Affairs function in the pharmaceutical industry has taken on a leadership role in companies' patient engagement programs. But to have a positive impact on patient engagement programs, Medical Affairs groups have to be effective at collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders.
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Oncology Launch Study Probes How to Leverage Cost Savings from Initial Launch to Second Indication Launch
Pharmaceutical companies that have launched a new oncology product often pursue a second indication for the same product. The prevalent thinking across the industry is that a company can leverage cost savings for the second launch by utilizing some of the infrastructure and staff from the first launch.
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Best Practices, LLC Report Delivers Analysis on the Benefits and Disadvantages of Utilizing a Contract Sales Organization in the Pharmaceutical Industry
During the different market phases of a product, many pharmaceutical companies face an internal struggle whether to hire a Contract Sales Organization (CSO) or internal hires to support them. The question becomes not only which is more cost effective, but which is more advantageous in various services, skills, and market conditions.
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Best Practices' Study Examines How Pharmaceutical Industry is Navigating the New Scientific Publications Landscape
Biopharmaceutical organizations rely on scientific publications to inform the medical community about critical clinical trial data. It is the data from early phases of drug development that critical stakeholders such as physicians and payers learn about new products and the information serves as the building blocks for how a new product will be positioned in the marketplace.
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Regional New Product Planning Teams Key to Local Market Success with Product Launches in Pharmaceutical Industry
In the pharmaceutical industry, global teams may set the table for new product development, but it is the regional team's insights that can make or break a product's launch in key local markets.
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