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Pioneering Patient-Focused Medical Affairs Excellence: Insights on Developing Medical Patient Teams and Engaging Stakeholders with Patient Experience Insights

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, Medical Affairs is assuming greater responsibility in shaping patient-centric strategies tailored to each franchise and therapeutic area. The demand for comprehensive data collection and dissemination to thought leaders has propelled Medical Affairs to the forefront of healthcare innovation, with patient insights leading the way. As patient-centric services continue to expand, staying at the forefront of the most effective and high-impact practices is paramount for Medical leaders.

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The Evolution of Field Medical Teams: Insights from 38 Leaders on Managing Virtual and Hybrid MSLs

As a strategic cornerstone within pharmaceutical companies, field medical teams play an important role in nurturing collaborative relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). However, a wave of internal and external transformation is driving both disruption and innovation in how these teams structure themselves, support key stakeholders, and provide value.

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New Report: Quantifying Impact and Communicating the Value Story in Medical Affairs

The healthcare industry relies heavily on the critical contributions of Medical Affairs groups. However, Medical leaders often struggle with quantifying the precise external impact of their function and effectively communicating the "value story".

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Insights from 26 Biopharma Organizations on How They Maximize Patient Journey Mapping and Patient Co-Creation Efficiency

In an era where patients actively participate in their healthcare decisions, pharmaceutical organizations are swiftly adopting patient-centric approaches. Two pivotal methods for capturing the patient voice and acquiring invaluable insights are patient journey mapping (PJM) and patient co-creation.

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Medical's Key to Social Media Success: 48 Leaders Share Insights to Engage, Educate, and Excel

In the current era of social media, Medical Affairs groups have a tremendous opportunity to connect and engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs), thought leaders, patients, digital opinion leaders, and other key stakeholders. But how can Medical Affairs effectively harness the potential of social media to engage with these stakeholders?

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New Research: 57 Medical Affairs Leaders on Embracing Omnichannel Engagement

The long-awaited digital transformation of biopharma industry has paved the way for Medical Affairs to fully embrace omnichannel engagement to deliver a consistent, personalized experience to vital stakeholders across diverse communication channels.

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Deploying Artificial Intelligence in Medical Affairs: 29 Leaders Share Key Insights in New Research

The dawn of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies holds immense potential for Medical Affairs to elevate personalized engagement, deepen insights, and drive impact across the biopharma organization.

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How to Effectively Handle Investigator-initiated and Collaborative Studies: Stay ahead of the curve

Investigator-initiated studies (IISs) and collaborative research studies play a crucial role in helping biopharma organizations assess the cost-effectiveness of similar treatments and advance patient care. While organizations utilize IIS studies to expand the scale of their clinical programs, it is essential that they make sure to keep their costs in check.

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New Report: Building and Updating Strong Scientific Communication Platforms

The foundation of a strong communications strategy in medical is the platforms that are used to deliver value messaging. Building and updating these platforms is a process that includes input from multiple stakeholders, functions, and data sources. To coordinate the necessary moving parts, Medical Comms need to lead these activities and include stakeholders outside of Medical.

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