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Study Provides Building Blocks for an Effective Competitive Intelligence Group in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Competitive Intelligence remains a key tool that senior leaders in the pharmaceutical industry use to set the strategic direction of their organization. In fact, one of the most critical attributes of a Competitive Intelligence (CI) group, regardless of company size, is its ability to distill complex information and put the pieces back together as a compelling story that informs leaders' decision-making, according to Best Practices, LLC research.
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Pharmaceutical Industry Study Examines Digital Patient Engagement Strategies that work Across Markets
Pharmaceutical companies recognize that digital technology is tied to the future success of their patient engagement programs. That realization has pharma scrambling to operationally align its patient engagement programs with digital capabilities and activities.
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Study Helps Pharmaceutical Industry Navigate Shifting Landscape of Combination Product Development
The pharma industry recognizes the potential value of attacking complex diseases such as cancer through new therapies that utilize combinations of FDA-approved products. However, the path from design and development to filing and approval for these combination products is not straightforward and comes with a daunting set of complexities.
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New Best Practices, LLC Primary Research Study Highlights the Information that Pharma Field Medical Teams Should Use to Influence Formulary Decisions
What type of information has the biggest impact on formulary decisions at managed care organizations? "Outside of efficacy, safety and cost information? Nothing else really matters; everything else kind of goes into the bucket of 'Other,' like convenience, even compliance. It is not going to cut it, unless you can monetize it - whatever that information is. Translate into cost savings, or translate into clinical superiority – which is safety and efficacy - or it's just not going to work. Everything has to go back to clinical or cost," said a veteran Pharmacy Director at a large managed care organization.
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