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Best Practices, LLC has conducted extensive research in the field of Brand Management and Product Leadership. Browse through and sample our published Brand Management and Product Leadership research in the topics below:

Managing Mature Product Promotion
Learn how three benchmarked companies tackled a variety of mature product promotion issues. Maximizing product lifecycle is a critical goal for today's pharmaceutical companies. Faced with shorter patent protection cycles and greater competition in key therapeutic areas, drug firms must find optimal ways to sustain revenues for mature products by promoting them effectively. Best Practices, LLC Benchmarking Study identifies key practices that leading companies employ to promote mature products. This information is captured from interviews with executives at top pharmaceutical companies. Your organization will benefit from the collective observations and insights on mature product promotion contained in this presentation.

Enhancing Brand Performance Through Sales & Marketing Excellence
Benchmark and identify winning strategies and practices of successful brands in highly competitive pharmaceutical markets. Insights were gathered through surveys and in-depth interviews with veteran brand marketing and sales executives at 12 leading drug companies. The participants represent 20 key brands. These insights provide an excellence benchmark against which companies can compare their own brand promotion functions. Specifically, companies can learn about the field force promotion activities, successful marketing strategies and tactics, and levels of promotional resource support. This executive presentation covers reach and frequency goals for meetings and other activities. In addition, it provides numerous insights, observations and best practices from interviewed executives.

Growing Lone Products into Broad-Based Brands: Best Practices in Trademark and Branding Development
Top brand teams in the pharmaceutical industry discuss how to best manage the complexities of branding and launching multiple indications of an active ingredient. According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) statistics, about two thirds of all new products launched in the pharmaceutical marketplace over a recent 11-year period grew from existing molecular entities. That is to say, of 1035 new drugs approved between 1989 and 2000, more than 650 of them were products derived from existing active ingredients. They represented new indications, new formulations, new patient niches and new markets. This powerful statistic underscores the dramatic need for pharmaceutical companies to better master the development and marketing of chemical compounds as lifecycle franchises. By franchise, executives mean that one compound will have many forms and formulations that maximize its economic and therapeutic potential.


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