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Identifying Cost Savings: Metrics for Corporate Financial Shared Services 
Identify key benchmarks for developing a leading financial shared services organization for your company... (ID POP-216)
Companies Profiled: AlliedSignal, AT&T, Bell South, Bristol-Myers Squibb, more ...
Price: $1794.00   Free Excerpt Available

Best Practices in Resource Allocation 
Allocate limited resources to optimize economic returns and meet business objectives... (ID OP-68)
Companies Profiled: 15 benchmark companies, Sanofi-aventis, 15 benchmark partners, AT&T, more ...
Price: $1179.00   Free Excerpt Available

Benchmarks for Excellence in Caribbean Retail Financial Services 
The intensely competitive nature of the retail-banking industry prompted members of the Barbadian retail financial services industry to join together to explore common “pain points” experienced by retail banks and credit unions in their search for customer service excellence... (ID OP-100)
Companies Profiled: Royal Bank of Canada, City of Bridgetown Co-Op Credit Union, Butterfield Bank, Barbados Public Workers' Co-operative Credit Union Ltd., more ...
Price: $1100.00   Free Excerpt Available


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