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Pharmaceutical Science Excellence: CMC Activities, Resources, and Performance 
Best Practices, LLC conducted this study to better understand resource and investment levels, expertise, and activities in global (pre-launch) Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC) operations in top pharmaceutical companies... (ID POP-225)
Companies Profiled: Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi-aventis, Daiichi Sankyo, Pfizer, more ...
Price: $10500.00   Free Excerpt Available

Driving Raw Material and Packaging Material Productivity Excellence 
As energy and commodity costs continue to rise, manufacturing companies have looked to their supply chains to find additional means to reduce raw material and packaging material costs... (ID OP-102)
Companies Profiled: Cadbury Schweppes, Bird's Eye Foods, Inc., Unilever, more ...
Price: $3687.00   Free Excerpt Available

Pharma Technical Services: Structuring for Manufacturing Process Ownership 
This Best Practices Benchmarking Report enables MTS operations functions to improve manufacturing processes and avoid costly product recalls and manufacturing shutdowns... (ID OP-84)
Companies Profiled: AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, more ...
Price: $3300.00   Free Excerpt Available

Driving Productivity and Minimizing Rework in the Quality Control Laboratory 
The study examines staffing levels, structures, sample testing and documentation processes, performance indicators and innovative workflow technologies of industry-leading quality-control laboratories... (ID OP-80)
Companies Profiled: AstraZeneca, Sanofi-Aventis (formerly Aventis), Bayer, Eli Lilly, more ...
Price: $3030.00   Free Excerpt Available

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Cost, Staffing & Utilization Metrics 
Pharmaceutical plants benchmark their efficiency by comparing conversion costs, staffing levels by function and management responsibilities, capacity utilization on production lines, QC efficiency, and levels of automation... (ID OP-89)
Companies Profiled: aaiPharma, Sanofi-aventis, AstraZeneca, Bayer, more ...
Price: $2600.00   Free Excerpt Available

Excellence in Pharmaceutical Contracting & Pricing 
Contracting and pricing organizations within pharmaceutical and medical device companies provide vital services to their companies but face a challenge in communicating their value to internal customers... (ID POP-209)
Companies Profiled: Abbott Laboratories, Amgen, Baxter Healthcare, Bayer, more ...
Price: $1878.00

Credit & Collections Management in the Manufacturing Industry 


This benchmarking study was conducted to gain insights into how the credit and collections function within a manufacturing company is best managed to create the greatest efficiencies and service... (ID POP-222)

Companies Profiled: Corning, British American Tobacco, Dow Corning, Clover SA, more ...
Price: $1495.00   Free Excerpt Available

Remanufacturing Operations: Managing Resources and Structure to Streamline Processes 
Compare your company’s remanufacturing operations and management structure against those of the benchmark class, spot areas for improvement, and utilize the best practices in this report to develop a plan of action to implement performance-enhancing initiatives... (ID OP-83)
Price: $1121.00   Free Excerpt Available

Optimizing Manufacturing Operations: Structuring for Success 
Analyze key manufacturing structure and management issues, including: structuring management, empowering employees, reducing turnover, staffing for fluctuations and managing change... (ID OP-82)
Price: $1121.00   Free Excerpt Available

Optimizing Plant Operations and Maintenance Staffing, Roles and Budgets 
Structure your plant operations and maintenance organization to support continued growth... (ID OP-78)
Price: $1010.00   Free Excerpt Available


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