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Best Practices, LLC has conducted extensive research in the field of Competitive and Business Intelligence. Browse through and sample our published Competitive and Business Intelligence research in the topics below:

Managing the Competition: Turning Competitive Intelligence into Strategy
Learn how top corporate competitive intelligence organizations use competitor data to drive strategy and market success. The secret to competitive intelligence (CI) success is rooted in the function's structure, effective communication and organizational empowerment. Specifically, it is a combination of formal CI operations and intelligent tools – with support from internal stakeholders – that serves as the key to developing a powerful CI team. To determine exactly how world-class companies proactively manage competitors, Best Practices, LLC researched how top-flight competitive intelligence groups: collect competitive information, synthesize findings into critical action steps, disseminate data to key stakeholders and integrate recommendations into strategy to effectively manage competition. Comprising interviews of 30 competitive intelligence executives at 19 companies, "Managing the Competition: Turning Competitive Intelligence into Strategy" takes an in-depth look at structure, information gathering, communication and information use. This study will provide you with the tools to develop a leading-edge CI function and manage the competitive landscape to consistently succeed.

Pharma and Biotech CI Excellence: Optimizing the Structure and Efficiency of Your Competitive Intelligence Function
A robust Competitive Intelligence function helps set the strategic direction of an organization in the complex and ever-changing pharmaceutical marketplace. Therefore, organizations need to optimize the structure and capabilities of their Competitive Intelligence function to drive business excellence. Best Practices, LLC undertook this benchmarking research to identify how leading pharmaceutical companies are improving the efficiency of their Competitive Intelligence function. In particular, this report delivers benchmarks around the structures, budget, roles and responsibilities of the Competitive Intelligence function. Additionally, this report establishes critical competitive intelligence benchmarks around vendor management, capabilities, key activities and use of Centers of Excellence.


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