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Managing the Competition: Turning Competitive Intelligence into Strategy 
Learn how top corporate competitive intelligence organizations use competitor data to drive strategy and market success... (ID SM-157)
Companies Profiled: 3M Pharmaceuticals, Abbott Laboratories, Amgen, AstraZeneca, more ...
Price: $7502.00   Free Excerpt Available

Competitive Intelligence Excellence Benchmark: Creating a High-Value CI Function to Drive Better Business Decisions 
Recent regulatory changes, shrinking product pipelines and shorter patent windows have prompted the need for a high-value competitive intelligence function that can help bio-pharmaceutical organizations drive strategic decisions... (ID PSM-335)
Companies Profiled: Abbott, Abbvie, Allergan, Array BioPharma, more ...
Price: $6000.00   Free Excerpt Available

How Successful Companies Create and Develop a High-Value CI Function to Drive Better Business Decisions 
When done well, the Competitive Intelligence (CI) function helps companies make better decisions, anticipate threats, plan effectively in a rapidly changing market, and avoid corporate risk... (ID PSM-302)
Companies Profiled: Abbott Nutrition, Amgen, AstraZeneca, Ariad, more ...
Price: $6000.00   Free Excerpt Available

Pharma and Biotech CI Excellence: Optimizing the Structure and Efficiency of Your Competitive Intelligence Function 
A robust Competitive Intelligence function helps set the strategic direction of an organization in the complex and ever-changing pharmaceutical marketplace... (ID PSM-348)
Companies Profiled: Abbott, Alkermes, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Amgen, more ...
Price: $4900.00   Free Excerpt Available

Best Practices In Competitive Intelligence: Policies & Guidelines That Reduce Corporate Risks 
Competitive Intelligence (CI) groups play an important part in helping organizations compete in a complex and ever-changing marketplace by providing insights that help set strategic and tactical direction for commercial operations... (ID PSM-260)
Companies Profiled: Abbott Laboratories, Amgen, Astellas, Bausch & Lomb, more ...
Price: $4000.00   Free Excerpt Available


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