Benchmarking Reports for Human Resources Management

Best Practices, LLC has conducted extensive research in the field of Human Resources. Browse through and sample our published Human Resources research in the topics below:

Best Practices in Career Path Definition and Succession Planning
Manage your "corporate benches" to meet company needs with successful career path and succession planning systems. This report will enable companies to design and implement successful career path and succession planning systems. As executives seek to manage their own "corporate benches" to meet company needs, it is critical that they identify and implement the innovative systems and practices that other top companies have used to drive performance.

Driving Growth through Recruiting Excellence: Best Practices in Recruitment and Selection
Target rich sources of candidates and implement innovative recruiting techniques to successfully court highly qualified individuals. In the knowledge economy, people, not products, distinguish a company from its competitors. The highly competitive labor market increases each employee's importance. In these conditions, innovative recruiting techniques set winning companies apart from their competition. Does your company have the recruiting savvy to be a winner in today's market? This report will help make sure you do.

Optimizing Human Resources Organizations: Managing Staffing, Roles and Budgets
Structure your human resources organizations to predict growth needs and allocate staffing and budget resources accordingly. How do companies manage to attract the best employees and consistently grow, even during the biggest downturns in the economy? The answer is that they have sound human resources structures in place to successfully operate with optimal resources. This report details how 10 world-class companies manage their HR staffing and budget resources and assign roles and responsibilities appropriately between corporate and business unit functions. If you're looking to develop a top-notch HR strategy and manage resources accordingly, this report is a great place to start.


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