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Marketer Career Path Excellence: Best Practices for Training and Developing High-Impact Healthcare Marketers 
The healthcare industry has witnessed drastic changes in recent years, causing major shifts in how biopharma companies position their treatments, approach market entry, and even who they have on staff to launch and promote products... (ID PSM-339)
Companies Profiled: Abbott, Abbvie, Alcon, Amgen, more ...
Price: $6500.00   Free Excerpt Available

From Classroom to Boardroom: Training Can Propel Market Researchers from Order-Takers to Trusted Business Advisers 
Market Research and Analytics organizations increasingly serve expanded global regions, supporting complex product portfolios with brands spread across lifecycle stages in diverse country marketplaces... (ID PSM-284)
Companies Profiled: 3M, Abbott, Alcoa, Amgen, more ...
Price: $6050.00   Free Excerpt Available

Commercial On-Boarding Excellence: Bringing New Employees Up To Productivity Quickly and Effectively 
Organizations rely on effective on-boarding programs to help new hires quickly become productive employees... (ID PHR-213)
Companies Profiled: Bayer, Bayer Crop Science, Biogen, TSPMG, more ...
Price: $5885.00   Free Excerpt Available

Best Practices for Developing World-Class Engineering Talent 
With increasing industry and cost pressure technology companies today are increasingly finding it difficult to sustain and develop their critical engineering talent... (ID POP-236)
Companies Profiled: AT&T, Dannon, GE Healthcare, Hypertherm, more ...
Price: $4500.00   Free Excerpt Available

Best Practices for Developing Critical Engineering Talent 
As the engineering talent pool continues to diminish, companies are finding it increasingly challenging to recruit and retain employees in a competitive labor market... (ID PHR-212)
Companies Profiled: Intel, Xcel Energy, Westinghouse, GE Lumination, more ...
Price: $3500.00   Free Excerpt Available

Benchmarking R&D and Clinical Talent Development Initiatives 
An effective research and development (R&D) function is integral for organizations seeking to quickly transform innovative ideas into exceptional products and services that give a competitive edge... (ID PHR-215)
Companies Profiled: Alcon,, AstraZeneca, Baxter Healthcare, more ...
Price: $2100.00   Free Excerpt Available

Best Practices in Career Path Definition and Succession Planning 
Manage your "corporate benches" to meet company needs with successful career path and succession planning systems... (ID HR-50)
Companies Profiled: Ames Rubber, Apple Computer, AT&T, Benchmark Partners, more ...
Price: $1994.00   Free Excerpt Available

Corporate University Excellence: Creating a Robust and Flexible Workforce 
This 28-page report highlights corporate universities at six leading companies from six different industries... (ID HR-61)
Companies Profiled: Wachovia, Tennessee Valley Authority, Thomson, Cisco Systems, more ...
Price: $825.00


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