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Best Practices, LLC has conducted extensive research in the field of Marketing Management. Browse through and sample our published Marketing Management research in the topics below:

Patient Advocacy & Professional Organizations: Building Effective Relationships
Study these winning practices to gain a deeper understanding of how leading companies interact with patient advocacy and professional organizations to create lasting relationships and partner for successful activities. Learn how top pharmaceutical companies build lasting and successful relationships with patient advocacy groups and professional organizations. This Best Practices Benchmarking® Report includes best practices and case studies to help companies create internal structures, mechanisms for coordination and operational tactics that lead to successful relationships with key patient advocacy and professional organizations. By reaching patient advocacy groups and professional organizations, companies inform thought leaders, prepare the marketplace for upcoming products, impact policy, gather market intelligence and gain valuable feedback from patients. 

Growing Your Medical Device Business in High-Potential Markets: Asia-Pacific & Latin America
With an aging global population, increased health awareness, and growing income levels in many global emerging markets, the need and opportunity for high-quality medical device solutions has never been greater. To capture market share at a global scale, it is important for medical device companies to carefully assess their emerging-market strategies and business models. This Best Practices, LLC benchmarking research examines the strategies and business models utilized by medical device companies to gain market share and achieve high revenue growth in high-potential markets in Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Insights and benchmarks in this report will aid marketing and commercial functions make competitive investment, headcount, and operational decisions in key emerging markets around the world. Additionally, the report highlights the top success drivers and case studies of individual emerging markets – outlining the success stories and competitive challenges trailblazing medical device companies have encountered in each of these markets.

Using Institutional Patient Flow Maps to Optimize Psychiatric Treatment
Create hospital-based initiatives that improve emergency care for psychiatric patients while potentially enhancing market share for psychiatric treatments. Pharmaceutical advances give psychiatric providers and patients a variety of choices for addressing almost every major mental illness. Where once psychotic and manic patients had few treatment options, today, drugs can mean the difference for a patient between an institutional life and one led as a productive member of the community. But drugs are only as effective as the efforts of healthcare providers to administer such treatments to the patient. As communities attempt to balance an ever-growing population of psychiatric patients with dwindling resources for mental health needs, the most gravely ill patients risk falling through the cracks of an over-taxed system.


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