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Best Practices In Aligning the Medical Affairs Function to Meet Its Role in a Changing Healthcare Environment 
The medical affairs function plays a critical role in dealing with a wide range of stakeholders, including thought leaders, who influence market access... (ID POP-251)
Companies Profiled: Astellas, Bard Peripheral, Bayer Medical Care, Spectranetics, more ...
Price: $7680.00   Free Excerpt Available

Building Best-in-Class Capabilities for Medical Affairs 
Charged with building and maintaining physician relationships, pharmaceutical Medical Affairs organizations typically oversee several important functions -- including publications, KOL programs, grants and medical education (CME) -- that have been impacted in recent years by a call for increased transparency... (ID POP-228)
Companies Profiled: Abbott, Akron Molecules, Alkem Laboratories, Astellas, more ...
Price: $6250.00   Free Excerpt Available

Best Practices in Improving Medical Affairs Booth Impact at Critical Medical Congresses 
Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money and resources on the medical booth exhibits that showcase their pipeline and products at key medical conferences or congresses... (ID POP-292)
Companies Profiled: Allergan, amag, Amgen, AstraZeneca, more ...
Price: $6000.00   Free Excerpt Available

Benchmarking the Roles and Responsibilities for U.S.-Based Field Medical Team Interactions with Managed Care Customers 
Pharmaceutical companies continue to improve the effectiveness of their managed care interactions by employing specialized medical liaisons who can speak the "payer language... (ID POP-283)
Companies Profiled: Abbvie, Bayer, Biogen, Boehringer Ingelheim, more ...
Price: $6000.00   Free Excerpt Available

Medical Affairs' Role in Patient Engagement Activities 
The medical affairs function continues its evolution from a support-only function into an independent role, one that is critical to the success of pharmaceutical companies... (ID POP-280)
Companies Profiled: Abbvie, Actelion, Alkermes, AstraZeneca, more ...
Price: $5800.00   Free Excerpt Available

Best Practices in Developing Top-Tier Medical Affairs Capabilities within Medical Device Companies 
The Medical Affairs function has evolved into one of the most vital functions for the medical device industry... (ID POP-260)
Companies Profiled: Axon Pharma, BARD, Baxter, Bayer, more ...
Price: $5100.00   Free Excerpt Available

Medical Affairs Strategies to Deliver Value to Payer Groups 
In recent times, pharmaceutical companies have turned to their Medical Affairs function to establish meaningful relationships with payer groups, including Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), owing to their rising influence on market access... (ID POP-284)
Companies Profiled: Abbott, Abbvie, Actelion, Astellas, more ...
Price: $5000.00   Free Excerpt Available

Best Practices in Developing Top-Tier Medical Affairs Capabilities, Creating Impact Measures and Improving Globalization 
The Medical Affairs function plays a critical role in the development and educating the marketplace about products and therapeutic disease states... (ID POP-255)
Companies Profiled: Astellas, UCB Pharma, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Upsher-Smith, more ...
Price: $4200.00   Free Excerpt Available

Best Practices in Establishing Medical Affairs Capabilities in Emerging Countries: Using Structure, Staffing, and Responsibilities to Create an Effective Medical Affairs Group in TMEA 
With pharmaceutical companies facing diverse markets around the world, it is challenging to create and maintain an effective Medical Affairs group in less understood regions such as TMEA, which includes Turkey, Middle East, and South Africa... (ID POP-289)
Companies Profiled: Abbvie, AstraZeneca, Celgene, Gilead Sciences, more ...
Price: $3700.00   Free Excerpt Available

Building Best-in-Class Medical Affairs Capabilities In India – A Case Study For High-Growth Emerging Markets 
Medical Affairs function at bio-pharmaceutical companies plays a vital role in bridging the gap between commercial and R&D operations... (ID POP-249)
Companies Profiled: Pfizer, LifeCell, Biocon, Biogen Idec, more ...
Price: $2000.00   Free Excerpt Available


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