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What it Takes to Successfully Launch an Oncology Product in the U.S. Marketplace 
Pharmaceutical companies launching an oncology product in the United States often face crowded markets and regulatory constraints... (ID PSM-341)
Companies Profiled: Astellas, Bayer, EMD Serono, Lilly, more ...
Price: $10000.00   Free Excerpt Available

Winning Necessary Resources for a Successful Product Launch 
The objective of this benchmarking study is to help biopharma leaders develop competitive launch and pre-launch activity budgets to ensure successful U... (ID PSM-326)
Companies Profiled: Abbott, AbbVie, Amgen, Astellas, more ...
Price: $9500.00   Free Excerpt Available

Launching Pharmaceutical Megabrands: Best Practices in Marketing Blockbusters 
The findings in this Best Practices Benchmarking® Report will enable pharmaceutical executives to understand the winning strategies, practices, team structures and investment patterns that distinguish successful new product development and marketing planning... (ID SM-124)
Companies Profiled: Abbott Laboratories, Sanofi-aventis, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Amgen, more ...
Price: $7962.00   Free Excerpt Available

Best Practices in Global Pharmaceutical Launches 
Discover how the world's leading pharmaceutical companies develop global launch strategies, manage launch teams, cultivate thought leader support, integrate marketing activities, and conduct a host of other critical launch activities... (ID SM-120)
Companies Profiled: Merck, Sanofi-aventis, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, more ...
Price: $7000.00   Free Excerpt Available

Best Practices in Launch Optimization: How Promotional Efficiency can be Leveraged to Support Multiple Products & Indications 
In today’s marketplace, launching multiple products for a common therapeutic area is both resource-intensive and strategically challenging... (ID PSM-293)
Companies Profiled: Bayer Healthcare, Shionogi Inc., Roche Diagnostics, Mylan, more ...
Price: $5260.00   Free Excerpt Available

Pharmaceutical Product Launch Evaluation Excellence: Processes & Measures to Evaluate Launch Success 
In this highly competitive and scrutinized marketplace, pharmaceutical and biotech companies have continuously examined the product launch process to cut costs and to increase performance... (ID PSM-230)
Companies Profiled: Medtronic, Sanofi-aventis, Organon, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, more ...
Price: $4500.00   Free Excerpt Available

Growing Biopharma Digital Marketing Impact: Digitizing Launch, Developing Talent and Optimizing Service Alignment 
Digital Marketing has transformed the speed with which physicians, patients and other customer groups can be engaged at the moment of launch to rapidly enhance trajectory – and enabled biopharmaceutical organizations to effectively maintain these relationships over product and treatment lifecycles... (ID PSM-334)
Companies Profiled: Alkermes, Astellas, Baxter BioScience, Bayer, more ...
Price: $4450.00   Free Excerpt Available

Medical Affairs Launch Excellence: Medical Affairs Role at Launch in Medical Device Companies 
As a conduit between medical device organizations and key decision makers, the Medical Affairs function plays an important role in key product launch activities, extending from the pre-launch phase to well beyond market entry... (ID POP-274)
Companies Profiled: Abbott, Arthur F. Morelli and Associates, Axon Pharma, BARD Medical, more ...
Price: $4000.00   Free Excerpt Available

Ensuring a Successful Product Launch through Effective Process and Authority Roles 
STUDY OVERVIEW New product introduction is a key driver of organizational performance, and a launch can often be the single most costliest and complex step in new product development... (ID POP-223)
Companies Profiled: 3M, Ariba, Phillips, CSL Behring, more ...
Price: $3490.00   Free Excerpt Available

Launching A Specialty-Care Blockbuster Franchise in Hepatitis C: How Sovaldi & Harvoni Rewrote New Product Launch History 
The first all-oral HCV medication, Sovaldi went on to become the biggest blockbuster in Pharma history... (ID PSM-322)
Companies Profiled: Gilead Sciences, Merck
Price: $2500.00   Free Excerpt Available

Optimizing Global Brand Website Launches 
The global launch of a brand website represents a critical point in a new product's entry into the marketplace... (ID PSM-297)
Companies Profiled: Bayer, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, Abbvie, more ...
Price: $1985.00   Free Excerpt Available


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