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Best Practices, LLC has conducted extensive research in the field of Human Resources. Browse through and sample our published Human Resources research in the topics below:

Best Practices in Career Path Definition and Succession Planning
Manage your "corporate benches" to meet company needs with successful career path and succession planning systems... (ID HR-50)

Federal Express, General Electric: Spotlight on Employee Development and Retention
Federal Express (Baldrige Winner) Plan for Career Development & Education Develop a Career Plan for Each Employee: Federal Express employs extensive certification procedures — which must be annually updated and renewed — to ensure competency in critical skill areas for all line jobs and management positions... (ID 3377)

A Multi-Level Approach to HR DecisionsThis document contains Graphics.
Executives possess expertise and experience gained through years of work in their chosen functional areas, but they often lack a direct perspective on employee needs and attitudes... (ID 4157)


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