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JULY 2014 Research Alert

This month we added five new studies to the Best Practice Database, the research repository for Best Practices, LLC. Four of the new studies deal with issues around thought leader management and medical science liaison teams - studies of interest to leaders in medical affairs. The four studies address a wide range of issues, from relationship development and technology use around thought leader interactions to the size and budget of medical science liaison teams. The fifth study examines issues around structure and staffing for digital marketing operations.

Download: Effective Thought Leader Management: Interaction Tactics and Challenges (ID 5316)
Best Practices, LLC performed this research study to better understand thought leader interaction frequency and channels. The research also explores challenges and critical strategies to mitigate the negative effects of a changing regulatory landscape.
Download: Preparing Medical Science Liaison Teams for a Changing Environment: Team Size and Deployment (ID 5314)
This study engaged executives from 32 leading healthcare companies. This report includes Mature and Emerging Markets segments’ analysis. Segmentation analysis was key to examining trends and effective practices.
Download: Digital Marketing Excellence: Structure, Responsibilities, Center of Excellence and Outsourcing (ID 5317)
This study examines how successful healthcare organizations maximize the value provided by the digital marketing function. This study provides segment perspectives on large, mid-cap and small companies as well as global vs. U.S.-only companies.
Download: Effective Thought Leader Management: Leadership, Relationships and Technology (ID 5315)
The benchmark data collected from 40 Medical Affairs leaders in this study will help companies find better ways to create effective thought leader management strategies. This report captures insights on both Mature and emerging market segments.
Download: Preparing Medical Science Liaison Teams for a Changing Environment: Value and Budget
(ID 5313)

This study captures wide-ranging insights and metrics that will help Medical Affairs leaders to demonstrate the value of their MSL teams and to compare their budget allocations with peers in the industry.

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