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Product Branding: Companies Lean Toward a Global Approach

CHAPEL HILL -- April 19, 2005 — Coke, McDonald’s, Nike. Around the world, anyone who sees the Golden Arches or the Swoosh knows what they mean.

But how do other companies achieve such a consistent brand identity?

Research conducted by the Business Excellence Board, a service of Best Practices, LLC, examines how marketing managers choose between a global or more regional approach for their products.

Among the reasons cited by marketing and brand experts to be more global-centric:

    • The need to drive down marketing costs by creating a single message instead of researching what would work best in each country.
    • A global branding approach forces a company to find its most vital, impacting and universal themes to promote about a brand.
    • The ability to achieve a rapid and unified product launch.
Companies that choose to market regionally or locally cited the following reasons for this tact:
    • The need to respond to local market needs and address cultural and language differences.
    • Must comply with specific regulatory/legal standards.
    • An intention to encourage local autonomy and innovation among its marketing and branding group.
A white paper detailing “Global Branding: Achieving Consistent Brand Identity & Positioning” can be found at. .

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