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DECEMBER 2020 Research Alert

This month we added six new studies to the Best Practice Database, the research repository for Best Practices, LLC. This month's new studies focus on three topical areas: extending patent protection, digital transformation, and patient advocacy internal collaboration. The first study examines how AbbVie used various patent strategies and tactics to extend the brand life of Humira. The next three studies tackle how pharma is pushing its digital transformation across medical and commercial fronts including KPIs, external engagement, speaker programs and other areas. The last two documents deal with patient advocacy internal collaboration in terms of partnerships, disease awareness coordination, and partnerships with R&D, policy and access.

The new Best Practices, LLC studies listed below under Newly Added Research explore how leading companies have made their operations more effective across these different areas.

Download: Patent Protection: How AbbVie Builds Patent Fences to Extend Brand Life and Safeguard Humira and its Immunology Franchise (5652)

This Best Practices, LLC case study examines how HUMIRA used patent innovations to add value to its clinical assets and commercial operations. The case study highlights the lessons learned and winning strategies revealed in HUMIRA’s journey to become a blockbuster.

Download: Pharma's Digital Transformation Turning Point for Medical and Commercial Leaders: Digital Implementation and Change in KPIs (5653)

This Best Practices, LLC compendium draws upon 10 of our primary benchmark studies to spotlight key challenges and recommendations for biopharma leaders seeking to maximize performance and aid the digital growth of their own organization.

Download: Pharma's Digital Transformation Turning Point for Medical and Commercial Leaders: External Engagement, Virtual Advisory Boards and Clinical Trials (5654)

This study probes various approaches towards digital transformation adopted by forward-looking biopharma companies including critical areas such as HCP and external engagement, virtual advisory boards, and clinical trials management.

Download: Pharma's Digital Transformation Turning Point for Medical and Commercial Leaders: Patient Engagement, Speaker Programs and Internal Engagement (5655)

This Best Practices LLC study highlights the digital transformation witnessed by areas like internal stakeholder engagement, speaker programs management, and patient engagement.

Download: Patient Advocacy Internal Collaboration: Partnerships and Disease Awareness Coordination (5656)

This research by Best Practices LLC spotlights the mechanics of partnerships with patient advocacy groups. It provides insights on improving health and disease awareness in collaboration with patient advocacy groups to leverage telehealth to improve patient centricity.

Download: Patient Advocacy Internal Collaboration: Partnerships with R&D, Policy and Access (5657)

This study spotlights R&D Partnerships with patient advocacy groups; transforming policy and access with patient advocacy groups; and Best Practices in leveraging internal patient advocacy interactions.