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The Best Practice Database (and its pharma & life sciences version -- the Pharma & Life Sciences Database) gives you access to knowledge, practices, and ideas from world-class companies that you can apply to any company in any industry.  

"With this tool, I can learn from other world-class companies and continuously improve our operations and shareholder value." - Vice President for Information and Technology, Aventis

Such insights position our members to make informed decisions on productivity improvements, revenue enhancement, and problem resolution.

"Because of research I found in the Best Practice Database, I was able reverse a decision that would have cost the company a significant amount of money." - Manager Workforce Performance, Verizon

Executives, managers, and workers have realized over $1 billion in documented value creation based on the research you'll find in the Database. Best of all, by becoming a member you'll save thousands of dollars off individual document prices. Plus, you'll enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Personal orientation and start-up search assistance
  • Newsletters with summaries of new content and features
  • Access to your daily usage statistics -- documents viewed and search terms
  • Online training video, "How to Be an Effective Database User," complete search and browsing guide and tips of the day
  • Exclusive members-only features and access to continual enhancements

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If you would like to further explore our research, please give us a call. We will be happy to coordinate a tour of our database so you can see for yourself the types of information we offer.
(919) 403-0251

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The Best Practice Database is one of the best resources to go to for a wide variety of topics and types of benchmarking information on what external organizations are doing well. We use this to examine what we may need to do in the future. We specifically use metrics and case studies to assist in presentations and decision making.

-- Information Technician, Centralized Resource Quality & Service, Abbott Laboratories
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