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Speaker Training: Two Sessions Per Product is Typical

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.-May 10, 2005- Per new product in a new category, pharmaceutical companies typically conduct one to two speaker-training sessions per year, reports Best Practices, LLC in a recent benchmarking study. The average attendance at these sessions is less than 50 physicians for almost all of the leading companies surveyed.

Speaker Training: Driving Program Impact & Influence available at compares 14 leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on their management of speaker training. Metrics benchmarked include: scope of responsibility and training, degree of outsourcing, performance measurement and return-on-investment and lessons learned and top challenges.

Out of this comparison of metrics, several key findings emerged, including:

More than one-third of the speaker training budget is allocated for training on product information and scientific knowledge

Measuring prescription growth following the promotional speaker programs is the most frequent way that companies are tracking return-on-investment

More findings from the study appear at:
and are primarily benchmarks around trainer activities, training investment, top trainer qualities, mix of speaker pool, method of evaluation of speaker impact and training content development lessons learned.

Speaker Training: Driving Program Impact & Influence,” reflects the type of granular research that pharmaceutical and biotechnology members of the Business Excellence Board (BEB) have conducted by Best Practices, LLC to support their sales and marketing organizations. More detailed information on this research can be accessed in the Business Excellence Board section of Best Practices, LLC’s website at:

The Business Excellence Board (BEB) is a premium membership service providing ongoing decision support to sales and marketing executives through on demand benchmark research, database access and best practice information exchange. For information on this study or to inquire about a BEB membership, contact Cameron Tew at mailto: or 919-403-0251, ext. 246.

Best Practices, LLC is a research and consulting firm that conducts work based on the principle that organizations can chart a course to superior economic performance by studying the best business practices, operating tactics and winning strategies of world-class organizations.

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