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Quotes from Best Practice Database Members

Read about the benefits and value derived from benchmarking and best practice research in the Best Practice Database from the perspective of our members. They, after all, have had the most hands-on experience with the Database and have evaluated it relative to their real-world needs. Their accolades fell into four major categories. For each point, click on the link to access several specific member testimonials in that area.

1) Make Specific Applications

Clients have shared with us how they have used the Database, which includes the following applications for the ultimate purpose of reducing costs, enhancing revenue and/or improving productivity:
Prepare for presentations, proposals and business cases
Write a best practice research report
Support strategy and policy development
Familiarize staff or managers with new areas
Understand industry trends
Perform gap analyses against others’ metrics
Guide implementation of company-wide change initiatives
Determine how to staff or structure departments
Employ principles to secure employee and customer loyalty
Use as a syllabus for class (see University Access)

For specific member testimonials on how clients use the research in the Best Practice Database, click here.

2) Provide Value to Colleagues & Clients

With the power of best practice research and metrics at their fingertips, Database users find themselves looking even better – and being more valuable -- to “pleased” and “wow”-ed internal stakeholders.

When the insights are turned into cost savings, revenue enhancements, increased customer loyalty and productivity improvements, they provide the ultimate value –worth thousands to millions depending on the size and scope of the business process improvement.

For specific member testimonials on this point, click here.

3) Find Hard-to-Find, Relevant Research

Nearly all research in the Best Practice Database is client-initiated and includes between several and several dozen benchmark partners. As such, the topics are relevant to today’s vexing business challenges. All of this research is:
1) indexed by subject category and
2) searchable by key word

This allows customers to find relevant information quickly.

For specific member testimonials on this point, click here.

4) Access a Unique Resource

Our most information-savvy customers – librarians -- find the Best Practice Database to be a unique source of business intelligence. With practical detail based on primary survey and interview research with top executives at Fortune 500 companies, it holds a special niche among other valued information resources. The Best Practice Database contains three types of information:
1) Metric-focused presentations to do gap analyses
2) Written best practices with detailed company examples
3) Case studies of specific companies’ success stories

For specific member testimonials on how unique customers find the research in the Best Practice Database, click here.

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