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JANUARY 2018 Research Alert

This month we added five new studies to the Best Practice Database, the research repository for Best Practices, LLC. Two of the new documents are from a new launch spend study containing investment benchmarks for launch year and each of the three years leading up to launch. Another two new studies deal with the timely topic of digital marketing and provide benchmarks on structure, funding, staffing and speed of service delivery. The last study is a review and collation of previous studies that were focused on the issue of market research structures.

The new Best Practices, LLC studies listed below under Newly Added Research explore how leading companies have made their operations more effective across these different areas.

Digital Marketing Multichannel MaturityDownload: Best-in-Class Pharma Digital Marketing Performance: Multichannel Maturity and Speed of Core Services Delivery (ID 5394)

In an evolving digital landscape, continuous advancement of multichannel capabilities is imperative for pharmaceutical companies. Best Practices, LLC conducted this study to evaluate what characteristics constitute best-in-class performance in digital marketing in the healthcare sector.

Digital Marketing  Structure  Funding StaffingDownload: Best-in-Class Pharma Digital Marketing Performance: Structure, Funding, and Staffing (ID 5393)

With Increasing complexity in digital marketing, it is critical for biopharma companies to continuously evolve their digital marketing tactics. This study identifies benchmarks around structure and maturity of multichannel functions, speed and integration by which core digital services are delivered and investment levels into digital marketing staffing & budget.

Market Research StudyDownload: Developing High-Performance Market Research Structures that Reflect Organization and Portfolio Maturity (ID 5392)

As size and complexity of portfolios grow, it is vital for biopharmaceutical companies to determine the structural tactics that work best for enhancing the value of their market research groups. This document provides an overview of centralized, decentralized, hybrid and globalized market research structures along with case examples.

Product Launch StudyDownload: Resourcing a Successful Product Launch: Investment and Activities (ID 5395)

Over the past decade, launch landscape for new pharmaceutical products has changed tremendously. Best Practices, LLC conducted a primary research study that examines launch cost and timing of key activities associated with a new pharmaceutical product launch.

Launch Investment by Product SegmentDownload: Resourcing a Successful Product Launch: Investment by Product Segment (ID 5396)

Market changes have altered investment patterns for launching a new pharmaceutical product, prompting companies to no longer rely solely on past experiences when budgeting for a new product launch. Best Practices, LLC conducted this primary research to examine new trends in launch cost. This study includes cost benchmarks for each of the three years prior to launch as well as the launch year itself.