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How Do I Use this Database?
  1. Find relevant documents: Click on a subject area in the left hand navigator to browse into that category. Alternately, use the search box to conduct a keyword search for documents relevant to your specific needs.

  2. What to expect from a document: Documents are usually 2-20 pages in length when printed. Some have detailed metrics, but most focus on the actual practices that make these companies so successful. For more information, see our FAQs.

  3. Get more document information: Click on a document title to view a document's abstract, its publication date, the companies and industries profiled in the document, and an approximate word count.

  4. Gaining Access: Our database members see document titles as links, giving them immediate access to the content. Visitors may purchase access to these best practices by using the shopping carts.

  5. Add documents to your cart: Clicking the icon in the right info box of the document adds that research to your shopping cart. Add as many documents to your cart as you wish. Use the search box or explore other topics along the way.

  6. To check out: Use the yellow button to review your cart, complete your purchase using a credit card and view the documents online (they aren't shipped!).

  7. Use the documents to your advantage: Members and visitors use our best practice documents as external reference points in their own improvement initiatives. Each document is full of ideas and specific examples for the reader. Identify any performance gaps that may exist and prioritize your action plan based on those gaps with the most significant effect on your operation.

  8. Become a member for added benefits and many more features. Learn more about the many tangible benefits of database membership, including unlimited streamlined access to every database section, saving both time and money.

  9. Contact us with suggestions or problems. We love hearing your constructive input. Please contact our team with any specific comments.

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