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Providing Value to Colleagues and Clients

With the power of best practice research and metrics at their fingertips, Database users find themselves looking even better – and being more valuable -- to “pleased” and “wow”-ed internal stakeholders.

When the insights are turned into cost savings, revenue enhancements, increased customer loyalty and productivity improvements, they provide the ultimate value –worth thousands to millions depending on the size and scope of the business process improvement.

Here is what our customers say:

"The Best Practice Database has proven itself to be an extremely useful tool for our organization. I'm frequently asked to locate research on specific business issues within all types of industries. The database gives me the option to provide excellent sources of data for our sales people to use with their clients." --Jan Birberick, Market Research Analyst, AchieveGlobal

"Everyone loves the Best Practice Database. Our internal clients from e-learning to human resources to customer service and knowledge management are interested in an international perspective and knowing what world leaders are doing. Our consultants have been very impressed with your research and find it very helpful. Each month, I forward the email from Best Practices, LLC with the new research to hundreds of consultants in our company. As a result, I have received requests for your research from all across the company. Everyone is keen to have a piece of the pie."
--Kate Williams, Knowledge Management, EOH Consulting Services (South Africa)

"My customers here have nothing but good words about the data received from Best Practices, LLC. I have received outstanding customer service from my Database Account Manager and others within Best Practices, LLC."
--Regina Meeks, Information Technician, Centralized Resource Quality & Service, Abbott Laboratories

"We use the Database research to prepare for Board meetings and then to execute Board strategic plans. The research contains a good 'how to' roadmap on what steps other companies have taken. Research from the Best Practice Database also depersonalizes our management strategy discussions. It allows us to break through our own biased opinions and think more objectively about what other companies are doing."
--Beth Pecenka, Strategic Planning Analyst for NOW Health Group, NOW Foods

"My membership in the Best Practice Database began paying off the first day I purchased it. One of our consultants asked me for benchmark data on performance management. In a few minutes, I was able to find several studies that were right on the mark. The client was pleased with our quick and helpful response. I am sure there will be many similar opportunities ahead. --Tom Atkinson, Research Director, Forum Corporation

"With this tool, I can learn from other world-class companies and continuously improve our operations and shareholder value."--Vice President for Information and Technolog, Aventis

"Because of research I found in the Best Practice Database, I was able reverse a decision that would have cost the company a significant amount of money."--Manager Workforce Performance, Verizon

“The Database provides me with information that makes me a more valuable contributor to our company's strategic decisions." --Beth Pecenka, Strategic Planning Analyst, Now Foods

“My internal clients have been very pleased with the information I've been able to supply and continue to return for more.” --Kay Kelly, Learning Resources Manager, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

“As a corporate librarian, having access to the Pharma & Life Sciences Best Practice Database helps me look good. I proactively send internal customers relevant benchmarking materials from the Database. Internal customers invariably appreciate these reports and often request I supply additional materials from this Database and also keep them current as the database is updated. This generates demand for our resources in the library and adds value for our customers.”
--Jim Chestnut, Manager of Scientific & Business Information Solutions, Quintiles

“If all I ever get out of it is what I downloaded in my first visit it was well worth it! Great information to share with the board!” --Tom Bohn, The Insurance of Internal Auditors

“With the use of this Database, I can now offer more value-added service to my clients."
--Sharon Pappas, Ph.D., Manager, Assessment and Survey Services, Bank Administration Institute

“When I walked around showing colleagues the information I collected off the Database, they all said, ‘This is exactly what I have been looking for.’”
--Edmundo Deleon, Program Analyst, US Department of Transportation

“When we deliver these excellent, high-quality articles to our internal clients, the response is generally ‘wow.’ It is golden; I would not live without the Best Practice Database.”
--Executive, A Top 15 Pharmaceutical Company

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