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Research in the Best Practice Database allows members to see themselves in relation to their peers or other organizations and:
      • Assess current performance
      • Determine what leaders are doing differently
      • Staff and structure with comparative knowledge
      • Confirm approach is in line with industry leaders
      • Identify performance standards

Here is what our customers say:



“I (am often asked) how we are doing compared to others in different areas such as the functioning of the market research department, purchasing practices, use of CROs, setting up Competitive Intelligence and many other areas. I use the Best Practice Database as my main system for benchmarking. I always could find the right answers within the right time which helped us to improve our performance.”– Kees Deijl, Sr. Manager, Competitive Intelligence, Organon

"When we get asked how to staff or structure a department, these is no better source than the Best Practice Database.” – Anonymous, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

"We often find the data reassuring in that it confirms that our approach is in line with what many of the industry leaders are doing." - Jean-Yves Brault, Director, Sales Force Development, Fournier Pharma

Other Industries

“I'm often asked to find benchmarking information and standards by which we can measure and improve performance.” – Kay Kelly, Learning Resources Manager, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

"If I am looking for benchmarks, I always use research from the Database.” Kate Williams, Knowledge Management, EOH Consulting (South Africa)

"At 5:30PM on a Friday, I needed benchmarking data on customer satisfaction survey scores to use in four Monday meetings. I found everything I wanted in the Best Practice Database by searching under "customer satisfaction survey results." Thanks to your research in the Best Practice Database, I have six companies' data and your "crystallized findings." Best Practices saved me a weekend of research. Many, many thanks!" – Julia Mast, Director of Shared Services, Fujitsu North America

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