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Client Services

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  • Internet Benchmarking Exchange
    The Internet Benchmarking Exchange (IBE) is a new service based on a breakthrough approach for benchmarking between multiple companies over the Internet. 
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  • Benchmark Surveys and "Lessons-Learned" Interviews
    Our survey and interview service retrieves specific answers from multiple organizations, both inside and outside of your industry. This technique uses original research that is tightly focused on a topic, and compiles best practice results from eight to twenty world-class organizations. BPLLC designs the study, administers the interviews, and analyzes the findings. The final presentation is delivered in a half-day workshop on-site, and includes gap analysis relative to the benchmark class, as well as relevant metrics and process benchmarks.

  • Process Focused Best Practice Research
    Our process research gives a broad view of issues, policies, techniques and procedures from a multi-industry perspective. BPLLC analysts comb our proprietary database, perform online searches, conduct lessons-learned interviews and review secondary sources to retrieve answers for you. 

  • Best Practice Site Visits
    The most focused and detailed of our services, site visits allow you to learn first-hand from four to eight world-class organizations across several industries. BPLLC develops the program agenda, invitations, and questions; leads the visit; debriefs the client teams; and analyzes the findings. Such excursions are an invaluable method to gather highly detailed process information, establish cross-industry partnerships, and build executive buy-in.

  • Executive Presentations
    For organizations that are considering expanding or redirecting their product line to a different audience or moving into new markets, BPLLC will thoroughly research and analyze the history, performance, potentials and pitfalls of the identified opportunity. We then will deliver our findings in an on-site presentation that includes "what if" scenarios and recommendations for implementation.

  • Consortium Studies
    BPLLC constantly monitors business trends and techniques, and will occasionally form consortiums of six to eighteen members who share the cost of a major study into the new methodology. Members can elect to join the benchmark class or simply receive the results. Findings are delivered in a group presentation, with ample opportunity for networking and building cross-industry relationships.

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