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AUGUST 2014 Research Alert

This month we added five new studies to the Best Practice Database, the research repository for Best Practices, LLC. Two of the new studies present insights into managing Medical Science Liaison teams, with the research addressing relationship & resource management, performance measurement and budget allocations. Two other studies deal with optimizing KOL relationships, with topics including structure, management tactics, and social media utilization. The fifth study examines issues around brand team interactions and data governance issues affecting digital marketing efforts.

Download: Medical Science Liaison Management: Performance Measurement, Budget and Challenges/Lessons Learned (ID 5320)
This research on MSL team performance measurement and budget allocations presents 2014 data versus data from 2011. It examines the growing roles and responsibilities of Medical Science Liaisons within leading healthcare organizations.

Download: Optimizing KOL Relationships: Structure, Management Tactics, and Social Media (ID 5321)
This research by Best Practices, LLC identifies the key elements of KOL management excellence, from leadership structure and resource levels to relationship activities and social media usage/impact.
Download: Digital Marketing Excellence: Brand Relationships, Analytics and Data Governance (ID 5318)
The benchmark data collected from 48 Digital Marketing leaders at 42 companies will help leaders better understand the deployment of advanced analytics for better targeting and performance, and the current state of data governance in pharma.
Download: Medical Science Liaison Management: Service Scope, Relationship Management, and Resource Management (ID 5319)
The study captures critical insights across MSL operational, performance, and management fronts, including factors affecting the headcount, span of control, and deployment of MSLs.
Download: Optimizing KOL Relationships: Successful Companies and Lessons Learned (ID 5322)
In an effort to examine how leading pharmaceutical companies approach KOL management, this research by Best Practices, LLC identifies activities associated with maintaining effective KOL relationships, leading companies in KOL management and lessons learned in KOL management.

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