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The Best Practice Database is a research, analysis and decision-support service for professionals across industries and functions such as marketing, medical affairs, sales, operations, HR, R&D and customer service. Our online database delivers fast and reliable access to performance benchmarks and best practice research findings from leading global companies, with a specialty in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device and Healthcare industries. The best practice database is a valuable resource for self-assessment, gap analysis, process improvement and competitive intelligence. Read more

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Licensing Options

Licensing of the Best Practice Database provides access to a $40-million growing body of proprietary research and forward-looking analysis spreading across functions and industry verticals.

Access Points: The Best Practice Database can be accessed by individuals, departments or company sites depending upon your need and budget.

Access Period: The Best Practice Database can be licensed from anywhere between three months to five years. Typically members opt for an annual license, with many of our clients moving toward even longer licensing periods to lock in licensing fees at set rates.

Level of Access: Licenses can be structured to offer a predetermined number of downloads, or unlimited downloads.

Pricing is determined by a combination of access points, periods and levels. Contact Best Practices, LLC for a custom quote.


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