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April 2012 Research Alert

This month we've added seven new studies to the Best Practice Database. Four of the seven new studies deal with the quality function at medical device organizations, two studies present an updated perspective of the U.S. hospital marketplace for pharmaceutical sales forces and the last document explores the roles and emerging trends in pharma clinical operations. 

A new report was also published in April that reviews how pharma organizations are building and executing successful Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategy (REMS) programs for products in the U.S. marketplace. The new Best Practices, LLC studies listed below under Newly Added Research explore how leading companies have made their operations more effective across these different areas.

New Research Capabilities for Database

The Best Practice Database recently upgraded its search capabilities to include a
Global Management Navigator tool that allows users to quickly and easily locate research that has European, Emerging Markets, or other regional perspectives and relate it to a functional or operational topic like marketing. The new search tool is under the Advanced Search link on the Best Practices, LLC home page. To try the new tool, click here .

If you are not a member of the Best Practice Database but would still like to receive a monthly Research Alert via email, just
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Newly Added Research

Note that study report and document purchases can be credited toward a membership in the Best Practice Database (, where our latest research as well as hundreds of additional concise research documents and presentations can be accessed on-demand.

Best Practice Database Documents

    • Clinical Affairs Excellence: Benchmarking Clinical Roles and Trends for Pharmaceutical Success in a Global Marketplace (ID 5191)
    • Quality Staffing & Performance: Managing Cost, Structure, and Staffing for Medical Device Companies (ID 5195)
    • Pharmaceutical Sales Force Effectiveness: Identifying Key Decision Makers and Interaction Tactics for the U.S. Hospital Marketplace (ID 4908)
    • Quality Management & Performance: Conducting Audits and Handling Complaints/Corrections for Medical Device Companies (ID 5196)
    • Pharmaceutical Sales Force Effectiveness: Alignment, Structure and Support to Serve the U.S. Hospital Marketplace (ID 4909)
    • Quality Training and IT Management: Creating Global Processes and Maintaining Software Excellence for Medical Device Companies (ID 5197)
    • Quality Management & Product Development: Ensuring Supplier Excellence and Scientific Quality Processes for Medical Device Companies (ID 5198)
Benchmarking Reports
    • Risk Mitigation Excellence: Innovative Models & Trends in Supporting REMS & RMP Programs (POP-242)
Current Surveys

view and participate in our current research studies, click or paste the following URL into your browser: to access the "Benchmark Studies" page. The following is a list of study topics.
    • Resource Benchmarks for U.S. Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Sales Support
    • Public Affairs and Public Policy Staffing in the U.S. Marketplace for Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies
    • State Government Affairs Excellence: Resourcing and Staffing Best Practices in the Life Sciences
    • Marketing Services Excellence: Driving Costs Down & Effectiveness Up
    • Using Outsourced Personnel and Automation to Maximize Market Research Efficiency

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