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February 2014
Dear Ben,

The recent draft release of
social media guidelines by the FDA provides direction for how companies can submit their materials for review – the agency claims more detailed guidance around social media will follow later this summer. Coincidentally, this month the Best Practice Database added new research around the use of social media listening for mining consumer insights. Other new research added to the database this month includes the use of iPads by MSLs and a short look at pharma’s use of gamification.

New Research
Download: Pharma Social Media Listening: Monitoring Activities & Using Vendors (ID 5290)
The study delivers crucial benchmarks and qualitative insights from industry-leading companies on key listening activities, website monitoring, data types gathered, vendor utilization and program evaluation approaches.
Download: The iPad and MSLs: Security, Compliance and Measuring Effectiveness (ID 5293)
Best Practices, LLC conducted this study to provide insights around the use of iPads by MSLs and issues around compliance, security, and measuring effectiveness.
Download: Assessing Gamification Technologies and Approaches for the Pharma Sector (ID 5294)
This research reviews some examples of howpharma has used gamification - the use of game design concepts to non-game applications to simultaneously entertain and inform - to raise patient awareness.
Download: The iPad and MSLs: Training, Content Delivery and CRM Integration (ID 5292)
This study will help biopharmaceutical companies better understand the keys to success (training and content) and the challenges (CRM integration) that come with MSLs utilizing iPads in the field.
Download: Pharma Social Media Listening: Adverse Event Reporting and Program Approval Process (ID 5291)
As the prevalence of social media listening grows, companies need to better understand current industry approaches to the internal approval process for Social Media Listening (SML) projects, and the concerns and relevance of Adverse Event reporting associated with SML projects.
Cameron Tew,
Executive Director, Research and Business Operations

Phone: (919) 767- 9246

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