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Member Benchmarking Studies

The Global Benchmarking Council (GBC) is a research service that uses benchmarking and networking to help members obtain proven strategies and tactics across functions and industries.  Cross-industry benchmarking surveys are conducted on behalf of Global Benchmarking Council members periodically during the year. 

Let the Global Benchmarking Council save you up-front consulting costs with member benchmarking studies, Internet Benchmarking Exchange surveys, online research archives and access to experts.

Membership in the Global Benchmarking Council includes all member benchmarking studies conducted during the year.  Each study includes the following features:

  • Interactive consultation with Global Benchmarking Council members to refine study questions
  • Online posting of the study's survey on the Global Benchmarking Council website
  • Email solicitation of hundreds of targeted executives 
  • Survey analysis in PowerPoint slides with charts and executive quotes. For many studies, reports are also included with data interpretation, success stories, and lessons learned.
  • Presentation or roundtable discussion of findings at Global Benchmarking Council meetings
  • Online archive of study reports in the Best Practice Database.
Members turn to the Global Benchmarking Council's member benchmarking studies to identify business trends and winning practices from the world's top organizations.  Recent research studies include:
  • Supply Chain & the Impact of Quality Initiatives
  • Comparing Lean Sigma and Other Productivity Approaches Across 84 Companies
  • Capturing & Using Customer Insights 
  • Using After-Sales Services to Expand and Extend Customer Relationships 
  • Education, Automation, Innovation: 100 Companies Discuss their Best Uses Across Industries 
  • Lessons Learned in Managing Change
  • Structuring Brand & Product Manager Career Paths
  • Communicating the Value of Benchmarking in an Uncertain Economy
  • Best Practices in Benchmarking Lite: Maximizing Resources for Quick Turnaround Results

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