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July 2006 Research Alert

In July 2006, Best Practices, LLC published several studies of particular interest to those who manage matrix organizations, who want to benchmark resources in the pharma industry, who work in the hospital sales, and who need to reduce raw material and packaging costs in manufacturing companies.

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Newly Added Research

Click on the link above to view the abstracts for any of these new titles. If you are not a member of the Database now, note that all purchases of research can be credited either to a larger report or a membership in the Best Practice Database.

U.S. Pharmaceutial State Government Affairs: Benchmarking the Resources Required to Ensure Brand Market Access (4912)
Resources Required to Manage Winning Commercial Operations in U.S. Pharmaceutical Finance (4911)
Resource Benchmarks for U.S. Pharmaceutical Managed Care Operations (4915)
Raw Material and Packaging Cost and Productivity Benchmarks (4916)
Raw Material and Packaging Productivity: Leveraging, Balancing, Maximizing and Utilizing Resources (4917)
Sales Force Effectiveness: Targeting Key Decision Makers in the U.S. Hospital Marketplace (4908)
Sales Force Effectiveness: Sales Force Structure, Alignment and Resources Required To Service the U.S. Hospital Marketplace (4909)
Excellence in Designing, Implementing and Managing Matrix Organizational Structures (4910)

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