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363^Winning Necessary Resources for a Successful Product Launch

Know what it takes to launch a new product successfully in U.S. market. Uncover launch resource benchmarks to develop competitive launch and pre-launch activity budgets for your new product’s successful market entry.

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World Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Affairs

Our latest video examines how artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches are being applied within Medical Affairs to improve personalized engagement of stakeholders, data analysis and evidence generation, and medical strategy and operations.

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364^Connected Health Excellence: Assessing the Development, Deployment, and Impact of Integrated Treatment Apps

A growing number of healthcare manufacturers have launched connected healthcare applications which improve quality of care, patient engagement, adherence, and outcomes - while at the same time producing high business impact across therapeutic areas. Watch this video to better understand the current usages, impacts, and development approaches used by competitors to build valuable connected healthcare applications.

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381^Improving Patient Medication Adherence Metrics

Various factors such as "sticker shock" at the pharmacy counter, reimbursement rejections, and pharmacy switching can all cause stagnation in adherence rates, but what are savvy manufacturers doing to isolate and improve adherence? Watch our video to get industry benchmarks around patient medication adherence rates for planning your adherence and other patient support programs.

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382^Building Winning Trademarks and Trade Name Operations in Biopharma

In a landscape where poor trademarking strategies abound, how can the pharmaceutical industry master the art of trademark and trade name operations? Watch this video to uncover the strategies that fuel pharmaceutical trademarking success.

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387^Developing the Best Hybrid Work Model for Your Commercial Biopharma Organization

In a dynamic era of evolving work models, the critical decisions that biopharma organizations make today will shape their future. The question looms: What's the ideal work model – a fully remote setup, a complete return to in-person operations, or a dynamic hybrid approach that offers the best of both worlds? Watch this video to uncover the blueprint for a flexible and resilient Commercial organization.

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With Best Practices, LLC’s Field Medical Excellence service, get rapid access to evidence-based benchmarks for your most critical field medical staffing and strategy decisions across 20+ therapeutic areas and 40+ countries.

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Raise the impact and quality of your field performance with innovative benchmarking metrics.

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Best Practices, LLC

The Best Practices Database for Medical Affairs provides instant access to primary benchmark research insights derived from Medical Affairs leaders at hundreds of biopharma companies.