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How Members Use the Database
Members use the research content in the Database to improve productivity, decrease costs,
improve customer retention, and enhance revenue growth in four phases of improvement:

1. Learn about market trends & effective performance tactics
“With this tool, I can learn from other world-class companies … (more)

2. Compare their performance and activities with industry leaders
“I (am often asked) how we are doing compared to others in different areas …(more)

3. Decide with greater confidence & speed about which strategies and tactics to adopt
“We applied the principles in the Database for making strategic decisions…(more)

4. Execute more smoothly by leveraging the operational tactics of leaders
"The Database allows me a more methodical approach when implementing…(more)

Valued Features:
Members of the Database report what they like about it most:

1. Great Content:
“This information is difficult to find anywhere else. The articles in ... "(more)
2. Easy to Use:
“I find that the Best Practice Database is easy to navigate ..." (more)
3. Cost-Effective:
“The Database helps us save money by using the primary research ..." (more)
4. Top-Quality Service:
“You've certainly worked hard to offer a top quality service. The team’s ... "(more)

Serving Others
Those in roles who collect research for others also find that they can also:

Impress Internal Clients
"When we deliver these excellent, high quality articles to internal clients.... "(more)

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