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A Day in the Life at Our Company

Best Practices - 6350 Quadrangle Dr - Chapel Hill, NCIt's really amazing how many jobs can sound wonderful on paper. After all, you went to a good school, you like people, and you enjoy challenge. So every consulting position that emphasizes teamwork, analysis, writing, and communication skills sounds like it's right up your alley. But the question remains -- What will I actually be doing?

Here's an idea. We hate to call this a typical "day in the life...," because you'll quickly discover that at Best Practices, LLC, typical days simply don't exist. In fact, that's one of the reasons you'll want to give us some serious thought. After all, you could spend the next two years of your life doing research to support someone else's projects. But we don't think that would be the best use of your skills and talents.

8:30 AMYou arrive. Priorities: coffee, email, voice mail, today's calendar, review for your important client engagement in 30 minutes.
9:00 AMTime for your weekly teleconference with an important client. You update her on the progress of her research project and hear that she has a new project in the works that you need to bring in an executive to help write a new business proposal.
10:00 AMIn addition to the two client projects you're currently working on, you also serve on the marketing committee and it is your turn to present findings around marketing collateral and its impact on sales engagements. After the meeting, you set a joint marketing/sales meeting to design new collateral.
12:00 PMYour mission, should you choose to accept it. (Do you really have a choice? It will make your project shine.) Interviews are needed with six Medical Affairs vice presidents at pharmaceutical and medical device companies. You begin the delicate art of "selling" the vice presidents on the value of our latest Medical Affairs research.
1:30 PMTalking on the phone always makes you hungry. You head to Franklin Street in Chapel Hill with a group of co-workers to try out one of its eclectic restaurants and pubs.
3:00 PMThe final deliverable for the research project you're managing is due on Monday. You embark on the first edit of a co-worker's chapter.
5:00 PMThe fruits of your earlier labors are coming to bear, as your first telephone interview is scheduled for ... right now.
6:00 PMOh yeah, there's a client presentation to go along with that final report you were editing earlier. You're off to Chicago in a few days. You better transform the abstract art on your notepad into dazzling PowerPoint slides.
7:00 PMThe gym is calling. Unfortunately, it's being drowned out by the voices of a few co-workers, attempting (quite successfully) to convince you to try a new wine bar with them instead. You have some research to conduct tonight, so you undock your laptop and pack up to go home.  Regardless of what you do this evening, you're already looking forward to tomorrow, confident that it will be exciting and nothing like today.

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