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Reaching, Engaging & Supporting Patients through Patient-Focused Initiatives

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Oct. 25, 2013 - Due to the changing nature of the healthcare landscape, leaders in the pharmaceutical industry have found it increasingly challenging to effectively interact with patients. As these interactions have become more critical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are seeking new strategies and tactics to better engage key patient populations.

To help market leaders in the biopharma industry connect more effectively with patient groups, research and consulting leader Best Practices, LLC has published "Innovations in Patient-Focused Initiatives: Case Studies in Reaching, Engaging, and Supporting Patients." The report examines innovative programs and initiatives aimed at directly affecting the lives and treatment of patients.

New technologies and access restrictions have created both opportunities and challenges for engaging target patient populations. Among the new media and communication channel types being utilized today, more than 50 percent of benchmark participants are using or have utilized condition-specific web sites, and call centers/hotlines to effectively reach and engage patients.

Key objectives of this study included:

  • Gaining insights into the current landscape and the future of patient-focused initiatives
  • Collecting examples and developing "case studies" of innovative programs and initiatives
  • Describing the rationale and objectives of patient-focused engagement efforts
  • Understanding the potential pitfalls and limitations of patient-focused engagement initiatives
  • Gaining insights into the future of patient-focused engagement initiatives

Best Practices, LLC used both field surveys and interviews to complete this study. In all, more than 40 marketing leaders at 30 different biopharma and medical device companies participated in the research project.

To access the full report or to download a complimentary summary containing insights found in this report, click here.

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