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March 2014 Research Alert

This month Best Practice Database has published three studies dealing with the topic of strategic KOL management, a timely issue given concerns about Sunshine Act requirements that are creating yet another barrier to physician and thought leader access.

The remaining two studies focus on the market research function and examine the benefits and pitfalls of the two principal types of research (insights-oriented and tracking) used in the biopharma sector. The studies also examine the selection and training of staff and how to effectively engage with internal customers.
Download: Strategic KOL Management: Coordination, Software and Thought Leader Identification (ID 5296)
34 Thought Leader management experts from 29 biopharma and medical device organizations participated in this study to provide an evidence-based understanding of current and evolving KOL management approaches.
Download: Market Research Excellence: Staff Selection & Training, Customer Engagement and Research Pitfalls (ID 5299)
Market research staff will be challenged to recommend and design valuable projects if they don’t understand customer needs, and engage with them frequently.
Download: Strategic KOL Management: Performance Measurement, Staffing and Success Factors (ID 5297)
The research identifies what approaches are most effective for understanding payer contracting research activities & timing as well as formulary research activities & timing to gauge payer perspectives.
Download: Market Research Excellence: Balancing and Enhancing Insight-Oriented & Tracking Research Projects (ID 5298)
This study examines ideal mix of tracking versus insight research, and a comparison of the budget and staffing resources used for different types of research projects.
Download: Strategic KOL Management: Structure and Designated Roles for an Effective Engagement System (ID 5295)
This study identifies innovative practices that are driving successful Thought Leader management at leading organizations.

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