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August 2012 Research Alert

This month we've added five new studies to the Best Practice Database. Two of the five new studies deal with making marketing services groups more effective with an eye on the shared services model. Two other studies investigate best practices and pitfalls associated with annual bonus plans, in particular pay for performance bonus plans. The last study reviews the use of iPads in sales and managed markets groups in terms of ensuring security and measuring the effectiveness of the new technology.

A new report was also published that explores the use of external personnel and automation in the market research function. The new Best Practices, LLC studies listed below under Newly Added Research explore how leading companies have made their operations more effective across these different areas.

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Newly Added Research

here to view abstracts for any of these new titles or paste the following link into your browser:

Best Practice Database Documents

    • Marketing Services Excellence: Structure, Activities, and Shared Services Model Overview (ID 5216)
    • iPad Utilization in Pharma: Productivity Applications, Security, and Measuring Effectiveness for Sales and Managed Markets (ID 5215)
    • Driving Growth and Talent Retention through Annual Bonus Plans (ID 5213)
    • Marketing Services Excellence: Time and Cost Metrics for Deliverables and Performance Measurement (ID 5217)
    • Driving Growth and Talent Retention through Pay for Performance (ID 5214)
Benchmarking Reports
    • Market Research Efficiency Benchmark: Using External Personnel and Automation to Maximize Effectiveness (PSM-288)

      Current Surveys
    • Resource Benchmarks for U.S. Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Sales Support
    • Public Affairs and Public Policy Staffing in the U.S. Marketplace for Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies
    • State Government Affairs Excellence: Resourcing and Staffing Best Practices in the Life Sciences

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