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About Global Benchmarking Council Conferences

One of the key components of Global Benchmarking Council membership is attendance at conferences during the year. Here, members play an active role, participating in a variety of knowledge sharing, problem solving and networking activities. Conferences are highly interactive, and many of our members find that they learn more in two days than they would ordinarily learn throughout the year.  

Thought Leader Presenters
Selected by the Global Benchmarking Council Membership and Management Team, speakers address the current issues facing our members. Our speakers are thought leaders and industry experts who share critical information and lessons learned with members and guests.

Panel Discussions and Roundtables
At every conference, time is set aside for members to present their current initiatives and to find others wrestling with similar challenges. The knowledge sharing between members is invaluable and is the core of Global Benchmarking Council membership.

Networking Events
Each evening, the membership has a networking session or dinner that is designed to build the real relationships that support year long initiatives. By the end of a Global Benchmarking Council meeting, you'll not only know someone at DuPont or Bank of America, you'll have an ally within that organization.

The Conference Guide
We want to make sure that knowledge from each session is captured and taken back to each member organization. That's why the program staff provides Conference Guides containing each presentation in its entirety. We also post these presentations on-line for Global Benchmarking Council members.

The Conference Report
Distilling information down to the critical points is the first step toward implementing any new learning. To help our members implement what they learn at conferences, the conference staff publishes electronic copies of The Conference Report. The Conference Report details key takeaways and lessons learned from each presentation and interactive session.  We provide an e-mail version ready for dissemination within your organization and post them on-line for Global Benchmarking Council. And what's more – it is in your hands in just three to five business days!

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