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Analyst Briefings
For members and invited colleagues of the Pharma & Life Sciences Database, our pharma analysts will provide brief videotapes with audio and PowerPoint slides which provide overviews of new and our most popular research topics:
      • Market Research
      • Competitive Intelligence
      • Quality Function
      • Medical Affairs Function
      • Speaker Training
      • Brand Leadership

Why Analyst Briefings?
These briefings will allow you to:
  1. Bring the research to "life" from the perspective of an analyst beyond what is available in the Database
  2. Invite colleagues in your company to view these videos and realize one of the benefits of your membership
  3. Engage with our staff after the briefing about how to leverage our services to assist you

About the Analyst Briefings
These presentations will include:
  • Business issues our client was trying to solve
  • Study/studies overview & benchmark class(es)
  • Analyst's key findings and insights that are "beyond the data"

Requesting Analyst Briefings
Briefings will be prepared based on a sufficient number of requests from members and colleagues of the Pharma & Life Sciences Database. To make a request for one of the topics above or a newly-published pharma research topic (see newsletters or auto-emails), simply email us. Simply let us know:
  1. General topic of interest (from any new pharma research we publish or the list above)
  2. What you would like to learn in the briefing and any specific questions you have

Request an Analyst Briefing

Note: If there is sufficient interest, a briefing will be prepared and the membership will be notified.

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